Morgan Stanley had stated that before the vote, interesting to see if they were just posturing or if they (or any others) will do anything about it.



This will cost the UK substantially in the short term but gives them freedom to set their own corporate tax, and to directly support their own industries.

Still, don’t think the alienated voters who voted Leave will see the real benefits of this new freedom.

EU leaders need to face up to the democratic deficit people see in the whole thing, can’t keep writing critics off as cranks, racists and loons.


The leave lads came across as most or all of the above. Never should have gone to a referendum on this, far too important, we know better then anyone that referenda get hijacked by general disillusionment with politics in general. The Brits blame everything on the EU, always have, now they’re stuck with the Jaysus tories. Good luck with that.


They did, but not all critics of the EU are. And not all the voters who voted Leave are.

The Leavers tapped into a huge undercurrent of alienation and disillusionment, something the EU refuses to recognise and engage with.

France or Italy could be next - using the same populist issues like immigrant, integration etc - and they might push to leave the EURO too, which would crash the currency.


Feckin trump will get in over in the US next. the whole shooting match could go down the shitter.


Stock up on cans and skins man, it’s getting weird.


The people who voted for a brexit have been sold a pup.Nigil farage , who couldn’t even get elected to Westminster at the last election ,was caught out denying he pledged 350 million to the NHS in the event of Britain leaving .


he couldnt make that promise in the first place, the clown has no mandate


And the big irony, with largely loyalist areas in Northern Ireland voting to leave, apparently a lot of loyalist/unionist people are considering applying for ROI passports along with their UK passports.


Of course they won’t, the tories couldn’t give a damn about them.


This is all down to what a party will do to win an election, the Tories included the referendum as part of their policy in the last election, they won by a much bigger margin than expected and now they know why.


The majority of Tory MPs wanted to remain.


Do not underestimate how much England will be a pariah in Europe . They are heading for a train wreck now with two years of uncertainty ahead
Business hates uncertainty . There is no chance of anyone else leaving the union because financially it makes no sense
The EU is the best thing that ever happened to Ireland. The economic recovery is now over with our biggest ally gone from the table in Europe .
Tourism to and from the UK is now over . Irish companies who trade with the U.K in some instances will now fold
We do not want a United Ireland because the economy up there will now tank and we’d have to take that burden on putting us further in the shit house
I get worried when I read threads like this because it’s clear people don’t realise what an absolute disaster this is for Ireland
The EU didn’t create our banking crisis. We did . By having zero regulation and the most corrupt politicians in Europe
I hope Scotland leave the UK and make Farrage and Co look like even bigger fools.


The brexit lads are already talking down the level of the leave, talking about Norway model (which keeps freedom of movement) boris spoke about a second referendum at the outset of they vote to leave (after negotiating a new deal). Even farage rowed back on the 300 million directly to the nhs. Lies and propaganda.

So many of the vox pops I’ve seen, the leave people just want to give two fingers to the establishment, only the immigration argument seems to be anyway related to ey policy and even in that, a lot of that seems to be concern with non eu immigration.

Crazy to think a 51/49 decision (with so much lies in the campaigns) can have such a profound set of circumstances.


There are a huge amount of assumptions in all of that, as many have said we dont really know the full implications, we dont know what the final agreement will be between the EU and the UK, there are many non EU countries in Europe that have special deals with the EU that almost treat them like a member state without actually being one. I was neither in favour or against the decision, but the attitude of those in favour of remaining since the result has been pathetic, a pure lack of respect for those who voted out.


That’s probably one of the more astute comments i’ve read about this. How many labour defectors voted Tory and caught everybody napping? The media are concentrating on buffoons who didn’t know what they were voting for but i think that is a misrepresentation. I think a significant amount of people voted for England, not the UK. A disenfranchisement with both the establishment and the course their country is going down as a net recipient of migrants. I’ve zero sympathy for their post colonial legacy but it shouldn’t be be tarred as blind racism, it is racist, all states are racist by the way, but there is an alienation behind it that warrants political discussion.

It’s not clear what will happen now which is why I wouldn’t pay too much notice to the doomsayers. Assuming they invoke the release clause everything depends upon what deal they strike and in relation to Ireland both the long term strength of the pound and the deal will be critical. There is no grounds for comparison here and the UK isn’t Greece. Greece when playing the roulette with negotiators were likely told to F off or accept. The UK is a world leading economy that the EU can’t really afford to make a pariah out of. It will remain a leading trading partner. Some euro clearing will move out of London to Dublin etc but hedge funds will fill the deficit.

Other issues like air travel will also be decided upon the deal, will they opt to stay in the EEA for example. Low cost Norwegian carriers operate very successfully out of a non EU country and have even applied to run transatlantic services from Cork. Its hard to predict outcomes here.

The status of the north is interesting. Is a united ireland we can’t afford closer than ever if a pro english nationalist govt gets into Westminster? The north can’t be dragged into the republic without out its consent and i don’t believe that consent would be any way near given but i’d guess the legal framework states it can’t be removed from the union. If Scotland leaves and a drive for English nationalism materialises there will be no union.


Brussels will not allow England to get special trade agreements with the EU because it will encourage others to leave

Things were going so well here . This will kill the plans to develop the rest of Ireland economically . Everything will come back to Dublin now .


Brussels will allow anything if it is favourable economically, it is much more difficult for other members to leave, they don`t have the same trade outlets with Non EU countries that the UK have. And why this should mean that everything will comeback to Dublin is beyond me.


The back to Dublin idea probably refers to the notion that it takes investment to de-centralise. If the Irish economy suffers any investment may take the safer option. But that’s what the IDA is there for.