Tories in not liking Paddy standing up for himself shocker


some of them are prepared to do anything to get their fantasy Brexit.


This is just fine perfectly fine


That’s for the rugby players only


Ian Paisley Jnr has described what Theresa May is facing next week (when her deal looks like it will be rejected by Parliament) as akin to facing a hanging. Not the wisest choice of words. Whatever May’s failings as a Home Secretary or PM, she does not warrant such terminology to be used against her.


Above Coming from a British solider reserve. Brexit really is showing up how ignorant many are in relation to their own bloody past. They cry and whinge about foreigners most of which come from countries they plundered over the centuries


Also considering we produce enough food to feed ourselves it is not much of a threat. The amount of choice would of course decrease until we found other supply chains, but we wouldn’t be going hungry.


We have spent years feeding them!!


Nonsense … we have LIDL and ALDI now. Not only have we more food but cordless drills, scuba diving gear, petrol generators and workwear.


So Norway plus is not a runner then


“I think you would mess it all up for us the way you have messed it up for yourselves”

So much for all that good will other countries have for Britain that they keep telling us about



The parody accs are doing well tonight


The Norwegians had the good sense to stay out of the EU when we sold them our fisheries for buttons!

Norway negotiated a deal with EU from a position of strength with a strong domestic economy based on their own natural resources, oh and a bit of fkn balls on the part of their political leadership : something we have not had for almost a century. grinning:


It helps that they’re minted from oil money. They’re clever/mature enough to accept Eu regulations without pissing and moaning about sovereignty.

Most people in the Uk who bitch about Eu regulations can’t name one Eu regulation.

I suspect if we had their deal, you’d accuse our politicians of being weak.


There was a guy on news night who wants a “remain plus”, as part of the deal to remain, he wants the Uk (62 seats) to have the same number of seats in the Eu parliament as Germany (99). Despite having a population 20 million less then Germany. He feels they have a right to this because British people hate being told what to do by Germany. That’s the exceptionalism you’re dealing with. The have the same number as France whose population is 2 million more, unbelievable arrogance.


We don’t have their deal because we signed away control of our natural resources including off shore oil and gas, as well as fisheries and the massive potential in off shore wind and wave energy to foreign corporations.

The Norwegians did not. That is what sovereignty means. They are dealing with EU as an entity separate from the democratically elected Norwegian government. Not as one subservient to it.


Yeah and we got no Agriculture deal and we got nothing off the EU during the 70-90s. You sound like a Brexiteer. And can you explain how exactly we have signed off control of wind and wave energy?