I never said you were naive


I am not having a go, I think I was. I was slagging off the English guys about how this would never happen here, I think you can get into a clique/ group think and believe everyone else outside thinks the same as you.


Ah no I get you now. I thought you thought I was replying to you. I would have had the exact same thought process about Trump and Brexit but after seeing Casey and even the likes of the Healy-Raes, we are not immune from it. People need to realise what enabled their rise and try to withstand it


Surely you meant try to deal with it??


I do, a poor choice of words on my part



No surprise there. They;re still to get to the bottom of where the money came from.


Presidential election is a joke. Irish people won’t be voting in great numbers for extreme right wing parties. We don’t even have one as it is.


I knew you would be all over that :grin:


They started one there, i think it was called renua, didnt fare well.

A couple of arseholes tried setting one up a couple of years ago, the national party or some such. tumbleweed since. IREXIt crowd tried launching a few months back. Couple of hundred showed up at the launch, mostly out of curiosity. not a dicky bird since.

I do think someone could latch on to populist trends and scaremongering like populists do. I would not think for a minute Ireland is immune from this, unforuntaly but they can;t copy the ignorant rantings of a trump or Boris johnson. Casey has since turned out to be a flakey old man.


Whatever else comes to pass I really hope this guy serves time.


It stinks to high heaven, find it astonishing that none of the major players are shouting about this. They all ‘will of the people’ blah blah when clearly the leave campaign broke all kinda of electoral laws. Ignoring this now makes the next election a free for all.


They do have some MPs who talk sense still


Read Casey’s interview in Hot Press. he probably agrees with you on most things!

As Iomaint said he was pilloried for raising legitimate questions about the empty houses in Tipp, and whether travellers are a separate ethnic group to rest of us. A legitimate question.

Nowhere did he propose “locking up” anyone!

If there is an “alt right” - and I’ve never heard a good definition of it - then there must be an “alt left,” one composed of former socialists who have embraced the agenda of capitalist corporatism.

You would probably get a membership card yourself :grinning:


I would rather take what he said on radio TV, and the late late show over an article written by a PR agent. What’s compulsory reeducation and location? If you didn’t see these terms worrying and the drift to extreme views is says more about you then me.

Also are you going to retract your comments about me regarding the Red C polls, when your own link proved I was right.


Unfortunately the media dosnt see them as interesting enough to give them air time. The BBC seems to be totally bias on Brexit people with opposing views are ridiculed by Marer and Neill, and question time stats shows over 5 years they never had an anti Brexit MEP on the show. No wonder the British don’t see value in the EU.


You were not right! Their last poll on referendum was close to outcome, within 1.5%.

You should read the Hot Press interview. He is right of centre liberal on almost all of the issues on which the parties in Leinster House have same views. They differ on marginal tax rates and their soundbites are left or right depending on whether they are in government or not. Best way to judge them is by what they do when in power. SF in Stormont and the comic opera left run Dublin city Council being apposite.

What did Casey say on TV and radio that was so bad? Haven’t seen it repeated, and it would have been.

All he did was talk about ridiculous situation where people were refusing to take new houses because council wouldn’t build them stables or give them money (you try that!); and questioned the claim that travellers are an ethnic group which is matter of opinion.


Fucking hell


He’s been caught being naughty. He will apologise and then probably keep doing it.


seriously if you can’t understand your own links even after I explain them there is nothing :expressionless:

I’ll break down your link for you again, which is also explained in my responses.

My original point is they apply a controversial algorithm to their samples and do not publish the raw data ( you denied this even through the advertise it)
In the abortion referendum the raw data was correct ( they did not publish this) what they published post manipulion was wrong by 10 points. Now after the vote they write an article showing raw data is 1.5% out where tgere enhance data was 10% out. Thanks red C for proving my original point.

They apply the same algorithm to the data in opinion polls which is why they are so different from other polling companies. Again they do not publish the raw data and again they are the most inaccurate polling company.