Your average Brexiteer in a nutshell


The person who suggested it wasn’t racially motivated and falsely linked it to another incident on line was Robinson & Rochey referred to reports online reports. I therefore made the assumption he was after being taken in by this nonsense and underhand tactic, maybe this was a leap too far but its not an attack or Embarrassing behaviour. I said during the posts we all have a blind spots and can be taken in by what we read on line and I didn’t resort to name calling despite provocation.

BTW Robinson has with down his false claim and there are now no credible sources for it.


we have recently had a presidential candidate propose locking up an ethnic minority for “re-education” in the phoenix park with many people supporting and making excuses for him.

BTW this was the post that caused the offence that started the argument when discussion if irish people had similar views to Brexiteers. The following discussions shows there is a market for tge right to tap into. Whether its FF or a new party that do this will be interesting.




Appealing to people’s worst instincts is easy when it’s offered as a zero-sum game; it’s hard to promote inclusivity etc as the benefits are generally intangible.


Casey told the truth and lots of people agreed. It was a nice change from the lies, denial and pc bullshit.


It’s interesting so many have that view. I think an alt right or UKIP type party might do well in ireland.


they might you would never know.

not sure if people who would support it are right wing per say - just people who aren’t happy its heading too far to the left.

Casey got support for calling out something - now if he did it for political gain or he was prepared to stick his head above parapet who knows - either way he was accused of going trump like by mainstream media - you seem to focus on the camps - which i never heard mentioned until i read it here.


Brilliant ploy by May if this was deliberate, wasted outrage by the brexiteers. watching the debate yesterday I can believe Corbyn has got me to the stage where I cheering on a tory leader.


Has May been playing this all along in order to stop Brexit?


Sorry I don’t mean right wing in the traditional sense, extreme populism might be a better term.

He is compared to trump due to the tactics of singling out a minority and using a small number of examples to stoke up anger. It also didn’t matter if he couldn’t sting a sensible response to questions or what he said was proven untrue he was able to stoke up emotion.

In post fact politics baseless opinions and calling opponents names seems to be more important then facts.


on the other hand , why is he able to stoke up this emotion ?

We may be immune to it , but its a different way of life in rural areas.

In general ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away.

Anyway this is the Brexit thread

Anyone else think that if there is a second referendum - and it is a vote to remain - will result in the UK being ignored in europe over policy making in the coming years ?
What i mean by that is - David Cameron managed to get concession etc prior to the brexit vote - as the EU were trying to keep the ship from breaking up - Now the Brits are in the process of leaving and the rest of the EU has stayed intact - IF they remain they will have weakened their power at the top table ?


as in their threat to leave won’t amount to anything? Certainly an angle Europe might take


yeah - next treaty comes up - Brits don’t like it - Their bluff has been called at that stage


So we are alt right for calling out pc lies and bullshit?



I don’t know what Lies and Bullshit being referred to is, maybe those in the Mainstream media?

Im just pointing out how interesting it is how that the tactic of creating division and attacking a minority based on a few examples has generated support in Ireland like it has in the US & UK.

Up until 6 months ago I didn’t believe Ireland could elect a trump or vote for a Brexit, now I am not so sure.


That’s a huge overreaction. Don’t believe we’d come close to electing either.


20% voted for Peter Casey purely on the back of a few comments on travellers and in a relatively short amount of time. Polarisation is happening everywhere and it’s naive to think Ireland is immune to it.


People reckoned the extreme right wing party Vox in Spain would get at most one seat if there was a general election now, last weekend there were regional elections in Andalusia in the south of Spain, VOX were predicted to get at most 4 seats, they got 12, there is no doubt that the extreme right is growing, some of the stuff in their electoral programme is simply mad, Marie Le Pen was congratulaing them on their success, so you can get an idea of what sort they are.


Your right. Slagging off my English colleagues and traveling a lot probably made me naive , I guess I am out of touch.