Sorry… NOT white and English.


You almost normalised him … in just three letters …


Some would view him as normal.


I preferred him when he was gay and sang 2-4-6-8 Motorway …


“Jihad, Baby!”.


Unreal shit show going on in blighty


Did I hear correctly that the cabinet ministers involved would now be barred from the Parliamentary Vote on the Withdrawal Agreement next week?


No idea what is going on but it reeks of incompetence


Those within government who are in favour of Brexit seem totally incompetent. Others, like BoJo seem perfectly happy to shout from the sideline without actually doing anything themselves - just waiting for the likes of May to fall and take her place by default.


Or it’s just another way they have found to get a way out of going through with leaving the EU and admitting all the blame for it. Which seems to have been the main trajectory all along. In the disguise of complete incompetence. Because incompetence as a conclusion is preferable to illegal and criminal.


Plenty of illegality being brushed under the carpet as well to be fair.


Exactly. Same story everywhere, get it written off as “incompetence”. Biggest scams ever pulled. Can’t understand why people just keeping on banging their heads off the “oh the incompetence of it!!” wall. Definition of madness


Fair point, I do have the occasional moment of clarity when you realize they’re just power hungry fookers


Total hypocrisy


He’s half Irish. I’m no fan of Robinson but my god some of the stuff on here is tragic. Hopper going off on one about him “making up a story” about the Syrian lad when it wasn’t him who “made it up” it was the mother of the girl who was attacked. He simply reported on what the mother said. Not that that makes Robinson any less of a goon but @Hopper attacks on @Rochey for merely suggesting that this may not be racially and may be a retaliation to a previous incident. Embarrassing behaviour


Never get into an argument with a fool, he’ll only drag you down to his level and beat you with his experience!


Lads play fair.


While the tories continue to bicker, and channel four have the weatherspoons guy on saying it’ll all be fine on WTO, more & more companies are getting out of dodge



That does not mean he is pro Irish.
Ken Livingstone’s parents were Tories.