She was also trespassing given she was barred. I see she’s also playing the pregnancy card which she seems to think it entitles her to do as she pleases.


Once you pop, you can’t stop.



When in collage I worked in a religious centre used by traleverls. I saw the negative side of the the community, in criminality lack or education and drunkung problems , but I saw plenty of compassion and goodness too. Treating any collection of people as lesser then others never site well with my bleeding heart


Someday I’ll come to tolerate southsiders. Maybe even be friends with them.


Keep dreaming, the guards would have you shot before you ever got to darken the door of our ivory towers.


You see this is what makes me so ‘racial’ and sad. :grinning:





That’s actually a hugely important ruling.

The stuff about is nuts.




Robinson is a scumbag.
If he ever got his way, once he’d rid the UK of Muslims, he’d set about black people or Irish people or other Asian ethnic groups. His hate of anything not English and white is shrouded in his “war” on jihad.
Even Farage is embarrassed at the current UKIP leader’s attempts to admit Robinson to the party.


What a total ■■■■■■■.


His real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon.


Why isn’t he proud enough of his heritage to go by his real name?




according to the cunty balls wikipedia page his parents “were Irish immigrants to this country”. They had to be from Cork…


He’s hardly related to Biddy White Lennon?


Could be… was she form Cork?