being pro Brexit and extremely pro Israel I only see his Alt right views finding a home in FF or renua, I can’t see them being accepted in any other parties.


He’s not “alt right”!

He’s a right of centre liberal. Only reason the “alt left” attacked him was because he voiced contrary opinions to them on Travellers.

In context of Brexit and British and Irish attitudes to EU left and right have become pretty meaningless terms, unless you think Corbyn, Boris and Casey are all in the same camp.


Corbyn voted against Brexit, Casey celibrateded the victory these are not the same thing. He also supported Trump and us republicans. I consider Trump, Bannon, Ress Mogg and thoes who support their policies as far right, people who promote policies of persecution and internment I hold with contempt, but that’s just my opinion.


Sure everyone and their uncle is alt-right now

The liberal orthodoxy is now stuck in a corner screaming “NAAAZZII’S” at everyone else.


That’s the thing, a lot of the so called “hard right” are really really just anti immigrant. Not to be mistaken for the proper nazi saluting nutters, or crazies like Bannon.


The former socialist states, and the left overs in Cuba and North Korea - not only did not allow immigration but didn’t let anyone leave. So immigration is hardly a measure of left and right.

To me, right wing is support of drive to the bottom capitalism and decimation of public services. Most of populist “alt right” in Europe are opposed to that, while some of the socialist parties (including our own variants) have presided over it!

It’s very confusing Ted …



The food bank campaign was on here in Catalonia yesterday and I volunteered, it was a really great to see folks of all walks of life donating what they could, there were many people who I am sure are struggling themselves who came up with a bag of pasta or whatever, there are loads of good people out there, we just need the powers that be to learn how to channel all that goodness, instead of spending endless Dail sessions or whatever beekering shite at each other.


I remember hearing of a charity, in the run up to Christmas, being given permission to approach shoppers in car parks and take the shopping trolleys back to the trolley storage areas in return for the Euro coin that would be released on the trolley’s rereturn.
In one particular shopping centre in a supposedly well-heeled area of Dublin, which also happened to be regularly frequented by travellers, the charity volunteers found so-called “settled” people amongst the shoppers far less likely to hand over their Euros and that, not only being happy to relinquish the Euro for returning trolleys to the charity volunteers, that the travellers tended to offer extra cash to the volunteers.

As I have stated previously (and maybe I am just lucky), most of my experiences of The Traveller Community has been largely positive


Ah @beeko’s not the worst.


Much depends on the result of the next election I reckon. If the SNP clean up, and I suspect they will, then the British PM will come under pressure to agree to another referendum. We’re in the end game days of the union if Brexit goes ahead.


I would agree, but it would also make a lot of the current E,U. states feel very uncomfortable.


In what sense?


Separatist movements in a few countries.


Countries like Spain dont want places like Scotland having referendums and being allowed to enter the E.U. under a different guise. They have been refusing referendums to Catalonia and threatening that an independent Catalonia would never be allowed into the E .U


Except for Pringles. If there are Pringles in the trolley, things could be different:

30 previous convictions… but she probably needed the Pringles for an old lady who lived nearby and had none!


Agreed but there’s a big difference in the Scottish and Catalonia separatist movements. That being the Scottish one was, or will be again, constitutionally agreed with London. It’s hard to ever see Madrid in the near future agreeing to the same.

It’s very difficult to see how Catalonia will secede.


In one. Also the reason why a united Ireland has nothing to do with Brexit. EU certainly does not want the political geography of the continent re-arranged again. Last time that happened on a major scale it led to World Wars which began as small localized conflicts.

Logic of Catalonian claim for separatism could be applied to dozens if not hundreds of statlets and principalities that haven’t existed in 5/6.700 years.


I am not arguing about the for or against independence, just stating that there are a few countries in the E:U: who don’t want to see any move on independence for any region within the E.U. as it could come back to haunt them, for example Spain refuse to recognize Kosovo, not because it has anything to do with Kosovo, but they don’t want to be setting precedents.


The whole idea of EU “federalism” (which is a bit of an Orwellian use of a term that used to mean something entirely different) is to create a centralist (opposite to federal) entity in which national sovereignty becomes eventually almost meaningless.

Now, people can decide that’s a good thing and to paraphrase the old American term “what’s good for the big corporations is good for Europe” or you can argue that all past imperial projects have ended in a mess.

It should be possible for European and indeed non European states to co-operate on trade etc, and have peaceful relations without some centralized body, inevitably dominated by the more powerful states, deciding on increasingly vast areas that diminish national sovereignty.