Don’t say it…

EDIT: ■■■■ it I will
a safe house in Ballymun by any chance.



I’m not defending it at all. Where did I say that? Little Trumpy fake news


Not that I condone violence, but it makes the outrage on social media a bit rich if it is true!

Tommy is getting sued over this and there is no other foundation to the claim, so your the one spreading fake news based on social media.

You really need to look at yourself when your on the same side of the argument far right supremacists.


That’s some assumption right there. Fair play to you, some huge leap for such a small fella!!! I’ve never even heard of this Tommy lad you’re talking about! Thanks


Bits lip.
Im going to leave this here. Suffice to say I am disagree with the positions you have taken up and the two issues over the last 24 hours. We all have are biases but I didn’t expect this stuff from you.


Very noble of you.


Not responding to your insults absolutely was


The accusations deserve the insults. Disappointed in you Paddy.


Saying you are beginning to sound like an Irish Tommy Robinson. Well you took the picked the wrong side on this & took extreme views yesterday as well.

Based on the last 24 hours I take your disappointment as a complement.


Little man syndrome



I’ll take that over what you have


Only one thing worse than being a right wing racist, and that’s falsely accusing somebody of it!


I’ll take your word for it as your the only one throwing around insults. I understand why your making this personal to change the subject.

what I will accuse you of is ACTING like a bully who can’t handle people pulling you up on what you say so you attack them. Hey but I’m trump…



Pots and kettles. Do me a favour, just ignore my posts and I’ll do likewise.




Your not getting off that easy,


You should read Casey’s interview in Hot Press. Apart from challenging one of their taboo subjects he could be in any of the current parties in Leinster House with exception of toibin’s if it grows wings, and the ultra lefts (only on the economy.)

He supports all of the liberal agenda - abortion, mass immigration, gay adoption and so on, and is well to the right on the economy. IBEC tend not to nominate radicals for the Senate!

whether Travellers are ethnic minority or not is open to debate. There is no proof that they are. Even if they are, re=categorising them is not going to do anything to improve their lot or society’s relationship with them.