But Tayto, so have scobes, hippies, neo-nazis, crusties, etc! Where do you draw the line? I agree that it’s the implications that matter. Now, if you criticise a traveller, you are, inaccurately called a racist! It’s bullshit and they use it as a weapon against legitimate criticism.


Scottish reaction


What will Scotland do, in the unlikely event of Brexit happening? Another referendum? Demand a different deal, ala Norn Iron?


Don’t think those comparisons stack up, to be honest, none of them has genuine cultures/traditions. Like I say not getting into the rights and wrongs of it, I don’t see what real difference being an ethnic minority makes. there’s no denying a lot of their culture/tradition is destructive in a modern context. Which is a shite state of affairs for them as well as people who have to deal with the destructive side of that. not sure what the solution is other than to try and educate and give opportunities to those who are willing and able to take it.

Suppose you’re right about it being easier for people to get up in arms at a perceived persecution, there will always be that, and even if there are a lot of arsehole travellers you still can’t tar them all with the same brush.


May has some cheek visiting them after ignoring them for the last 2.5 years. I can see Scotland forcing another indy ref if they’re dragged out on a no deal scenario - they were bribed to stay by threats of not being allowed into the EU.


They’d still stay in UK I reckon …


You think? A lot depends on the price of oil, as it is now they’re a net contributor to the UK treasury. When the price sinks it’s the other way around,.


Seriously you’re defending this now becouse unsubstantiated stories some how make sense. I know you a long time but your beginning to sound like an irish Tommy Robinson.



Jesus wept. The bbc has gone full propaganda.


Tony was talking bollocks anyways


This is more of the absolute garbage nature of today’s media/social media and the black and white minds of people.

She is a pastor AND an actor. Is she less entitled to air her views as an actor? Did anyone really think she tried to hide that she was an actor and vicar? She was clearly not paid and was appearing in her capacity as a concerned citizen. The ‘uproar’ is just bollox.

We have seen other examples of people taking incorrect things at face value this week and Guy is constantly trying to indoctrinate us too. For god’s sake people open your minds and your eyes.

Faux outrage … it really is the pits.


She is not a Vicar though. I haven’t seen any confirmation that she was not paid but I’ll take your word.


She kind of preaches to people on facebook. as much a pastor as is my cat. The dog collar implied she is a genuine vicar and as such a semi responsible member of society not a paid audience member for the BBC. Deception? Maybe not, maybe they wanted the view of an actor dressed up as a priest. Dodgy at best. Especially during times where the BBC is being heavily critisiced for bias in it’s brexit coverage as several of their older presenters are clearly brexiteers. (Marr, Humprohires, Andrew Neil)


A lot of Tories appointed to positions in the BBC under Cameron. The editorial standards have transformed since. There are some good article on line and in the guardian on it.


The charge here is that they are pro Remain. I watch a lot of BBC current affairs and would have the opposite view. I’m not sure religious people’s views hold much weight any more - you could argue the opposite. I see no intention to deceive here just a load of tin hats.

Ps Sinead was a Bishop …


She backed Mays deal? So not really pro remain?

but we all know to take what Sinead says with a pinch of salt. if they’d flashed up that the “vicar” was a professional BBC audience member, then fair enough, it was careless at best.


I don’t see many Brexiteers backing May’s deal


The 16 year-old who was filmed carrying out the assault has left the UK, also, apparently.


Does your cat wear a dog collar?