Not saying that either but by definition they are a ethnic minority. No idea what that entitles anyone to expect different treatment.


It was a question, that’s the reason for the question mark.I ask as the post you have an issue, the only thing mentioned was locking minorities up. Since you posted 5 times in responce without making your view on this clear.

I do hope you would not support such a policy.


No one has said anything along thoes lines, I really can’t understand your point and how it relates to anything posted here


I don’t understand anyone defending them. I obviously misunderstood your post.


presumably because “them” are not all criminals or bad people. They do have a higher level of criminality granted but it is a dangerous road to go down to tar a group with the same label


I presume he ment northsiders when he mentioned criminals, I guess we all have a blind spots. :grin:


No not all, the vast majority are!


You can’t argue with me because I win. This is nonsense. What debate have I shut down?


There was no evidence in that article, and I clicked on all available links to check.

Cant/Gammon/Shelta is not separate language in its own right.


More of a language then Ulster Scots


there’s the full article if you want to have a read. It also mentions that they have their own language within it


It essentially says that travellers were of indigenous Irish decent, until they began to stay away from the settled population and breed only with the in-group, which includes relations such as cousins. These are all direct quotes:

The results of the model suggest the Irish Travellers and settled Irish separation occurred 12 generations ago (95% CI: 8–14). The results also support opposite trends in the effective population sizes (Ne) of the settled and Traveller Irish since that split: while the settled population has expanded rapidly, the Irish Travellers have contracted …

We report that the Irish Traveller population has an ancestral Irish origin, closely resembling the wider Irish population in the context of other European cohorts. …

In summary, we confirm an ancestral Irish origin for the Irish Traveller population…


No one has argued differently but you said that they are not different in terms of genetics or linguistics and that doesn’t appear to be the case


It comes down to semantics then. Travellers do not have a separate origin to Irish people in general. Therefore it depends on what ethnic means.

Regarding Shelta, much of it evolved so that outsiders would not understand what was being said. It is not a separate language with separate roots but rather a mixture of Irish and English. Wikipedia describes it thus:

Linguistically Shelta is a mixed language that stems from a community of travelling people in Ireland that was originally predominantly Irish-speaking. The community later went through a period of widespread bilingualism that resulted in a language based heavily on Hiberno-English with heavy influences from Irish. As different varieties of Shelta display different degrees of anglicisation. it is hard to determine the extent of the Irish substratum.


Story doing the rounds now is the Syrian lad was being attacked not because of his race, but because he had bitten a girl the previous week, that this was a revenge attack.

Not that I condone violence, but it makes the outrage on social media a bit rich if it is true!


As above this is the collins dictionary definition of an ethnic minority

So beyond doubt that they are by that definition, what difference that ultimately makes i’m not too sure. No one should be above the law or get special treatment.


There is also a picture of a girl who got a belt of a hockey stick from same boy. People should be very wary about the facts that they read …


Which boy?


All sorts of allegations about the Syrian lad. Main ones withdrawn as far as I can see by a real classy mum. Oh Tommy Robinson waded in too …


Let the misinformation begin