The likes of the Brexiteers and their constant referencing of immigrants and non-majority citizens are largely to blame for all that, we all agree. It’s constantly used with outrage here as a handy stick with which to beat and mock the British, under the guise of “those bad British types, not the OK ones”.

And yet the same rules apparently don’t apply to here. Here it’s now seemingly acceptable to target some immigrants and non-majority natives and then pass off any questioning of that as being PC, bleeding heart, excuse-making, apologist and so on. The reason I bring this up is that Irish people sometimes want to have our cake and eat it.


You are right. Let’s shut down the debate. Those racists are trouble. Let’s vilify all dissent and watch the far right rise. Good idea.


we have recently had a presidential candidate propose locking up an ethnic minority for “re-education” in the phoenix park with many people supporting and making excuses for him.


They’re not an ethnic minority, they’re Irish.


They are, like it or not.


And thus the root of the problem!


That your wrong ?


We’re never going to agree on this pal, no point in discussing it. Suffice to say, my experience of pikies has been an extremely negative one, and not one positive one at all. Not one, and I deal with them on a sometimes weekly basis.


Some people think the world is flat but there is no evidence to support this contention, so I ignore them. The same goes for travellers being ethnically different from us. The fact is, genetically, historically, linguistically etc they simply are not. No evidence supports this so I don’t have to agree.


Its not about agreeing, Facts are provable and in this case under Irish law what I posted was correct.

I have not made any other comments on any specifics that you have raised.

EDIT: now if you are in favour of locking people up without trial in a camp for “re-education” you should say that and I will be more then happy to discuss this with you. .


linguistically? do they not have their own language? They are also genetically different to us


Guess this conversation needs to start with a definition of what is an ethnic group. Is it a genetic thing or a cultural thing. Or both.


You’re the one shutting down debate, by dismissing every opinion you don’t like as being something other than a topical opinion. Can’t argue with you at all, you’re answer to everything that you don’t like is just dismissal. You are doing the exact same thing yourself that you’re constantly complaining about.


I wasn’t aware of the paramilitary angle here @Hopper. Would you have a link to that? I’m asking out of curiosity and interest by the way - not challenging you.


Not in favour of any special treatment of them.

Should we start calling short arses ‘small people’ now? Or blokes like me ‘fattys’ and start looking to be an ethnic minority? Just because Eithne Kenny brought it in, doesn’t mean it’s correct! I disagree with the ‘law’ and the law is an ass!


I remember there was a leaked what’s app messages with DUP & UDA on it.


Except for locking them up for re-education.?


Leaving aside the rights or wrongs for a minute

That is the definition of ethnic minority, are people saying travelers have the same cultural traditions as so called settled people?


Where did I say that? Stop making things up.


Ok, so they want to be different but treated the same then!

I really don’t think diversity covers or allows criminality and violence