They will claim Project fear and everything was fine after vote…


More like project ‘Holy fcuk I want me mammy!’. Pity his speech wasn’t given 2 years ago, before the vote to leave.


They might point out it’s undemocratic and ponder the extreme unlikelihood of a rerun being made if Remain had won the first vote.


It’s an appalling vista and I have a lot of sympathy for the ordinary non-jingoistic Joe Bloggs but somewhere not too deep down is a perverse pleasure looking at the incompetent, delusional, deceitful, ridiculous, pathetic, self-serving chaos.

If Carlsberg did Brexits …


It was and they just dismiss it as project fear. Mogg on the news saying carney is a failed politician in his own country yadda yadda … modern political discourse has been utterly corrupted by sheer greed and misinformation.


It would be hilarious if we weren’t going to be dragged down with them to some extent.


Before the first referendum result, Farage was saying if the result was close that it was not the end of things … (when he thought they had lost).

When the brexiteers are doing now (pushing for no deal), is the equivalent of taking a vote to remain as licence to join the euro and Schengen area.


It’s funny how we’ve had nearly 12mths of Irish Border shite, yet very little until recently about Gibraltar …


No DUP in Gibraltar to ■■■■ things up



What a twat


Politics in the Uk is learning from trumpism all too fast, lie, attack, lie, attack = protect your agenda at all costs.

Mogg lost all credibility when he lead the charge to get a paltry 48 signatures to force a vote of no confidence. He’s gets far too much attention from the bbc & media in general.



I have always believed that there would be a second referendum and there will. 65% plus will vote remain, in a larger turn out. There may be violence on the streets before the referendum but the vote will be very decisive, which will help. The EU will agree some talks with the UK around issues of concern, and that will be that.


I hope you are right I just dont see the evidence for that. The English are so ignorant to what Brexit means I see them voting with emotion and their being bigger leave vote next time.


It turns out now that the sister of the Syrian boy assaulted/bullied in the Huddersfield school has also been assaulted in the very same school.


Exactly that. And he would probably claim that David Davis is an accomplished negotiator.


That refugee queue picture is EXACTLY what came to my mind when I first viewed the video of the boy being assaulted.
The second picture of the van telling illegal refugees to go home was Theresa May’s baby when she was Home Secretary.


While there is huge ignorance I feel the last two years has been a real eye opener. The Brexiteers are more likely to shout from the rooftops while people who see the real repercussions will keep their powder dry and just do it at the ballot box if there is a 2nd vote.


It shouldn’t be forgotten that the UDA were allowed veto the power sharing deal in early 2018.