No she doesn’t.
She should continue to let him to use “Eat cake” analogies in France. Figuratively, he lost his head a long time ago.


it’s like a french and saunders sketch.


He is named on twitter (a Scottish name) , I actually disagree with that. He is a minor and should have some level of protection.


I agree the line has to be drawn somewhere but for something like that, 16 is old enough, in my opinion, for him to be named.


His name is out there is anyone really wants to know.


A criminal record would be a suitable start for the little scrote


and a kick in the bollock as well.


Send him straight into military service, Helmund Province, with no training.


he would love that, Murder Muslims in Afghanistan or Iraq


James O’Brien is fantastic


He’d shit his pants as soon as he left Blighty, more like.


That’s the last time that idiot will phone in to James O’Brien’s show!


Disgusting attack…only one way to deal with bullies:


I am really beginning to believe that there will now be a second referendum.
I can also envisage violent protests from right wing groups, if a second referendum is held - especially if the original result is overturned.



It is certainly gathering momentum, might be some idiots kicking off but what the hey, can’t let idiots threatening violence dictate terms.


If there is a second referendum and the original is overturned, the rest of the E.U. should have a referendum to see if they are allowed back. All of these negotiations, changing documents etc is costing millions and they cannot just decide to do a U turn with no consequences


There’s no guarantee remain would win te run of the referendum unless they actually enforce election law and ban political ads on social media for the duration. Otherwise the same flaws as before will be exposed


The governor of the Bank Of England ( strange its not the Bank of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Norn’ Ireland) gave an apocalyptic assessment of what awaits them post a no deal brexit. The four horsemen are saddling up.


I’m sure it’ll be ‘what would that Canadian know’ …