The Washington Post article Tayto tweeted above. Well worth a read.


I didnae tweet nathin


Sorry the tweet Tayto highlighted!


It begins


That’s a great excerpt and what a name , like a villian out of a Bond movie :sweat_smile:


I’m sure UKIP made people aware that this may be a possibility during their campaign run :unamused:




The tabloids won’t like this real world reality … :smirk:



Oh dear :grin:


A tale in two tweets

#314 funded aided and abetted by Putin


The Daily Heil will be the first to complain without a hint of irony


the daily hail who reported lePens progress to the second round of the french election as “A french revolution” and then when she got hammered they didn’t mention it? Fooking right wing propaganda papers like that should be shut down.


Free speech?


No. You don’t ban it. To quote Ian Hislop “you don’t ban it. You don’t BUY it.”


i was getting a little carried away but after their phone hacking and general disgusting snooping into people’s private lives by the likes of piers morgan, as well as their “enemies of the people” headline when some judges had the cheek to uphold the law, surely there’s grounds to close the f**ker down and shoot the staff, including anyone who ever worked there? … or am i getting a touch carried away again?


the problem is, lots of people do buy it and believe their bile.


Carried away? Hmmm, maybe only shoot current employees? :tiger:


That means piers morgan lives? Are you truly happy with that decision?