True but they had to fool the people into voting for it in the first place. which sadly they succeeded in doing.


Boris’ brother resigns from the Govt. Says the people must be given the final say on Brexit



I’m no geography genius but the ferry all the way to spain is hardly the answer? it’d take days.


If they can get enough guys to shovel the coal it should go fairly fast.


Cork Santander takes 26 hrs so probably a day and half if going to Dublin


Would they not be better off going wexford - brittany and by road from there?


With the rules around duty hours of lorry drivers, basically no.


I thoguht that was why the went via the UK anyway? Road = quicker


It is now. Once customs are reintroduced drivers likely won’t make it from Holyhead/Fishguard/Pembroke to Dover/Folkestone without needing a sleep stopover, which they could be getting on the boat. These lads haven’t forked out gazillions on two big ships without doing their research.


I hope they did, gazillions don’t come easy! :yum:

but yea, if no deal brexit happens then Uk is not the way to go, but i would have thought the shortest sea route was preferable to sailing all the way to spain, possibly not.


Don’t forget, fuel is a huge expense for haulage companies and a lorry sitting on a ship burns no diesel.


I’d imagine road tolls are cheap, either - especially for articulated trucks.


Did you mean aren’t? If so, not very well articulated …


Yep… wot you says.


Surely if it was cheaper and easier to ship to the continent that’s the way they’d go, long before now.


They should send the containers by freight ship - bigger, faster, cheaper (fitter, happier, more productive…), and the drivers by cheap flights. Then bus them to the ports from the airports, and keep the trucks in Spain and Ireland.


No Poppy on Sammy either tut tut


At least he’s wearing clothes!