No - That’s the same company


barden is Schaefer?


Fake news?


my mistake it is the same company! how embarrassing #fakenews


Here’s another one closing today


“But Tory MP for Moor View Johnny Mercer said the decision to shut the factory and send the work abroad was a “short-sighted mistake” one by Barden’s German owner Schaeffler.“

Well ■■■■ me - is there no end to their stupidity, insensitivity, denial, idiocy … incredibly stuff. Short sighted alright - the Tories will go down as the greatest political terrorists of all time.


Oh FFS. they really have some twits in charge over there.


Alas not just in charge …


Aaron would look quite nice in an orange jumpsuit


Mark Di Stefano … Alfredo’s son?

Aaron Banks … Gordon’s son?


So as this whole shit show gets blown open, they still go head with Brexit. Astonishing.


Another one


It’s odd how people were tweeting dire predictions about Trump, Russian s and a smoking gun and nothing ever came of it. Is the same thing going to happen with Banks and friends?


The mueller investigation has not gone away.


only quietened down in the lead up to an election as was normal practice in the past with the notable exception of Comey announcing the week before the 2016 election that he was reopening the investigation into Clinton


Half way through his first term. They could get a move on. Despite all the sanctimonious posting on Twitter, not enough votes were cast to win control of the Senate.


I don’t know the ins and outs of it exactly but from a long way out the senate was not considered winnable this time around. Agree Meuller would need to get the skates on, but it is normal for these to go low profile in the run up to an election. at least the Dems can protect him now through the house and they can demand Trump’s tax returns also, that should be fun.

Of course now Trump can blame the dems for anything and everything, rightly or wrongly, so if the economy takes a turn he can blame the dems in congress.


i think at the initial polling stage, Democrats had a roughly 1 in 3 chance of winning the Senate and it only went south from there although their chances of winning the House increased from 75 - 85% start to finish. The election map was never in their favour and best they can hope for is to remain at 51-49 and hope that Romney is a thorn in Trumps side and can offer some bipartisan approach

On the Mueller investigation, they are historically speaking very slow events to play out but his is progressing far quicker than previous considering the number of indictments already and he appears to be circling Trump himself for an interview


But are they ever deceasing circles …


Excellent explainer for anyone not sure about the effect of the social media cheating