Excellent read, thanks for sharing.


Casey’s interview seems to have revealed that far from being Heinrich Himmler, he is just another, slightly to right of centre economically, politician or potential politician. His plans for achieving that such as standing in multiple constituencies are just silly to be honest.

As I said during campaign when you cut away his comments on travellers which were only controversial because it is a taboo subject he could be in any of the Leinster House parties other than the far left ones. As in PBP and Solidarity. All of the others have proven to be no slouches in cutting wages and social welfare north or south of the border.

As someone who abhors IBEC and all that it represents, I was glad to see Casey causing conniptions but couldn’t possibly support a party based on his policies.

So it may turn out to be a good thing if he has on the one hand woken people up, but on the other proven that he is certainly not the answer.


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Agree on Casey, seems a bit doddery on top of all of that.

Anyways, banks in more trouble, looks like his staff worked on the campaign which should have been a declared expense … also the leaks show talk of a data set being used … whose data, where did it come from? illegal if they used insurance company data in election campaign



Aaron Banks now saying that, with hindsight, he would have voted to remain rather than “unleash the demons” of British politics that has come about from the result.

Firstly, I think he is trying to deflect attention away from himself and his actions regarding the funding of - trying to paint himself as not such a bad chap, after all.
Secondly, he is having a serious pop at the current UK government’s approach to Brexit and those at the forefront of the official campaign to leave, eg, BoJo and Gove, to name but two.

What a c@nt.


He’s a tw@t. Marr didn’t lay a glove on him :roll_eyes:

The sheer incompetence of the current Tory leadership is only matched by the pathetic Labour leadership. Full steam ahead for no deal :confounded:


In that article, you will note that “A Downing Street source told the BBC the Prime Minister was clear that there would be no new referendum.” The same PM who said early in 2017 that there would be no early General Election.

A group of lawyers have also called for a new vote…

As much as I would like to see a new vote, I have always believed it unlikely. However, momentum certainly seems to be growing for a second vote. The biggest obstacle to it is a lack of clear political drive from the opposition (The Labour Party, under Corbyn) for it.


May is incompetent beyond belief and is just a stubborn as a mule which is a great combination. The rest of the tory leadership and a shower of gangsters. Labour are stuck with a wet drain who is happy to let the tories take the blame for no deal so he can have a crack at #10. they’re all putting their party/self interest ahead of whats best for their country.

Peoples vote is certainly gathering momentum but can’t see how they can force the issue if may refuses to play ball. she wants a situation where the choice is her deal (if she gets one) or no deal, which is not a choice at all.

Big youGov poll over the weekend suggests every single labour constituency now favours a peoples vote and what is corbyn worried about? probably bus timetables or some other rubbish.


Can May push through a “No Deal” Brexit without parliamentary approval?


It’s the default position when time runs out.


Yes Iain it would be awful if a foreign power came in and divided your country…


A no deal Brexit is inevitable at this stage.

There is no light at the end of the Chunnel …


I think you hit a nail on the head there, Labour want the Cons to drown in this mess and to let it drag out til inevitable disaster and further election, and/or let it drag out til inevitable building of pressure finds a way to get the deal either renegotiated or a repeat referendum.
Labour don’t want to take responsibility for either outcome but they will be much less wounded than the cons as it stands.
Question is will it result in a mandate, will and ability, for Labour, to improve things much thereafter? If Labour had taken the bull by the horns up to now inevitably they still wouldn’t have had a very good mandate and the Cons and others in oppo would’ve dragged them right down all the way.
Also the current morass exposes the DUP to a really heavy backlash in the North.



Both regions affected (Plymouth and Llanelli) voted for Brexit by more than the overall, national average.


And apparently they were planning on investing 15 million in one of those plants last year. Tip of the iceberg. While the tories fued about what Brexit is, companies are losing patience and putting contingency plans into effect.


And another one


What planet is Jeffrey living on ?..or rather what year?