About bloody time :roll_eyes:



Good luck Aaron. You smug c**t


And this frog faced c**t as well


Haven’t you done enough damage all ready you prick


I heard Cameron had taken up acting as was a shoe in for the new Invisible Man movie coming up… nobody has seen him for over two years.


Farage won’t visit the USA now for quite some time, I’ll wager.


I’d take tweets like that with a pinch of salt TBH. Much as i would like to see it. But apparently the mercers are being implicated in emails talking about those hacked emails with Bannon and assange before it was public knowledge. So that be fun.



How convenient.


Nothing suspicious here then…


Yer woman carole cawdallwer (sp) in the guardian has been banging on about this for months. Apparently banks does not have the funds to donate 8 million to anyone. He has been caught meetingvthe Russian ambassador more then 10 times in the run up to the vote. There’s all this shady dealings about the diamond mine etc.

The other week the peelers said they were under political pressure not to investigate … what an absolute farce this whole thing is. The BBc have already decided that no matter what illegality the leave campaigns were involved in, it’s all just fine and brexit should go ahead. pathetic stuff from our nearest and dearest.



Tom Watson is the man that the Labour Party needs to have as its leader.


He would lead an opposition anyway, Corbyn is a busted flush.




Well they did insist on leaving the EU. There will be check on irish lorries entering the UK no doubt.




Doubt it’ll matter Arlene’s response as always will be


Interesting piece by former resident. If push came to shove would London drop them.