John Smith is probably one of the big what if’s. He was almost certainly going to be PM and I would wager he more than likely not wouldn’t have gone into Iraq. A real massive what if


Tony Benn would have been great, imo.


The Mirror ran a headline (either the day after John Smith’s death or the day of his funeral) which read The greatest prime minister we never had.


Coincidence … front page of Sindo tomorrow refers to Peter Casey as ‘The greatest President we never had’ …


Dara O’Brian was talking about British ignorance of the Brexit/Border affair.
“It’s NOT an Irish Border. It’s a British Border in Ireland. The Irish Border is the beach.”


Getting beyond parody at this stage


It’s quite apt, in my view. It represents what £1 today will be worth by the 29th March.


Top class Beeko!



Excellent! :grinning:


And yet they keep winning elections


I liken it to how Real Madrid keep winning Champions Leagues despite not being the best team in Europe.


Looking at the figures in that…
Raising the threshold at which you begin to pay tax to £12,500 per year (from £11,850) works out at just short of £11 per month - that increase in take home pay will pass on to everyone earning in excess of the £12,500 annual threshold. However, increasing the rate at which you begin to pay the higher rate of tax from £46,350 to £50,000 will benefit those earing over £50,000 per year by a further £60 per month.
It really is regressive and typical Tory.



Much better then moving on the the higer rate at €35,000.


No doubt. But I wasn’t comparing the UK with Ireland, merely how the Tories view high earners as against the one’s who Theresa May labelled the “just-about-managing” last year. These were the people she had said she would help, first and foremost.


The other thing of concern, for me, in the last few days is Angela Merkel announcing she will step aside as CDU party leader, albeit that she intends to remain on as Chancellor until 2021. She may not see that out.
I’m not really a fan of hers but at least she is pro-EU. If she is forced out as Chancellor, I’d really be concerned that Germany might vote in some ultra-right wing crackpot - not what would be need right now with the man from Del Monte in the White House, Putin and Brexit still in the air.


Macron will have to grow a pair now.


No way will Germany vote in an ultra right leader, that’s a long way off, I’d be absolutely joining the flat-earth society if that even came close to happening. Apart from anything else their education system has bred a society, even amongst most of the less well-off, with an inbuilt perspective on race and culture that I believe will ultimately break the circuit of any gathering fascistic movements before they can gather too much momentum.

In the Eastern urban post-industrial major towns and cities and some rural areas and parts of Bayern there’s always a risk that regionally the far right could get quite alot of traction, ultimately how much can that destabilise the nation is anybody’s guess. But they have long prepared for the possibility of that threat.

I’d be more concerned about Hungary, Poland, and former Yugoskavian countries, amongst others. Could get some basket cases emerging there, Serbia is not in a good place by all accounts.


Really? Can you put up a link please?