And in fairness he bailed us out in the past …


Good christ he just keeps digging


If Ireland went down, one of the countries most adversely affected would have been the UK. It was in their interest to keep Ireland afloat.

Probably won’t be long before he changes his picture to that of the Daily Express. I was watching Have I Got News For You at the weekend and the commented on the Daily Mail having recently changed its editor and the new editor isn’t nearly as Brexit focussed, it seems.


The new editor is not a feckin nazi either.


Dyson was/is a Leave supporter. Kick in the bull-cocks.


More evidence of the Mail’s new editor





This British Bulldog Brexit belligerence is getting out of hand …


He is a total hypocrate


Yeah but if he stayed and manufactured in Britain he’d probably have been Dyson with debt …


For once I agree with Alan sugar



Excellent! Very Viz…


He is one horrible prick, i propose a cage fight to the death Mogg. It would be one of them rare occations there could be no looser.


Sugar would rip moggy to pieces


So the disaster of WTO might not even be that simple


Andrew is probably the leader tgat got away for the Labour party


Never an MP though so moot point