Dopey ■■■■■… though I bet they wished they had our system of referendums. Just keep running them till ya get the answer ya like! :slight_smile: Though while farage is the panto villain, the biggest CAUC is Mogg.


700,000 people marching in London yesterday.


Brexit parallels with the fall of Rome are all too obvious (via @IrishTimes)


Except British Empire was over a long long long time ago. It’s the US going through the fall of Rome right now. The UK is more like France or something! :grinning:


Many people seem happy at the thought of the US collapsing…why? It would be bad news for us


It would be terrible news for us and for all their ills, they’re less sinister than some of the alternatives.


although the GOP are doing their best to change that


Not happy but it was always inevitable. Will be terrible for many people all around the world.


There are sinister elements in the US government and intelligence agencies, always has been.

The “idea” of America is a great one and their constitution is great if only they would live up to it.

I wouldn’t agree America is doomed to failure, not in the short or medium term anyway. It won’t happen in our lifetime.

If it does maybe all those doomsday preppers wont look so stupid after all


It’s already failed, depending on your perspective. Anyway it’s not ‘failure’, rather ‘decline’, losing dominance etc, destroying itself from within.


Oh i know and it would be very naive to think otherwise, but nothing on the scale of China detaining a million Uyghurs. But then selling arms to the Saudis at the moment is pretty disgraceful as well.


Mmm hmmm. So still a minority of people in NI but yet that is the “Will of the people” Okey Dokey


So a customs union of sorts then :thinking:


Double-jointed too.


Have we not already a been through this?


Nail on the head from O’Leary. If stating the obvious


Great opportunity for him to deflect attention away from his own company for a while. That said, he is right on Brexit.


Classy real classy attacking not just a child but a child in hospital


He has a pic of a front page from the Daily Mail as his avatar, nothing more to be said about this arsehole


He was attacking the father … maybe he has a point too. I’m sure if the father was posting this with a Union Jack hailing Brexit then you’d be up in arms too @GuyIncognito, eh … :wink: