This one is even more frightening. What are they at?


This is from 2005

Such a shame Blair destroyed his reputation over Iraq.


Blair was partly to blame for Brexit. The Russkies swung Brexit and Trump. They only managed to do so because in both countries, the people felt that ALL mainstream politicians had lied to them and let them down.


Nish Kumar nailed it on BBC’s Question Time.

“The leaders of Brexit have fled the scen. Nigel Farage is a moron. Jacob Reece-Mogg is the ghost of a Charles Dickens’ villain and Boris Johnson has abdicated any responsibility in favour of squatting down and curling out a weekly column in The Daily Telegraph … There is no detail. We are trapped in hell”.



In fairness there’s plenty in Germany know a thing or two about arrogance, as in all major nations. Mind you they have mostly been able to back it up the last 30-40 years at least.


Good fucking christ


The man has no credibility left, whatsoever. Whatever credibility he had vanished with this…


We have entered the theatre of the absurd.


Leo is facilitating them however


The sheer hypocrisy of the Shinners never fails to astound me

The Shinners could have dealt a significant blow to Brexit by now by taking their seats instead of being a hurler on the ditch


Davis, and his ilk, just think that leaving the EU, in itself, will solve every ill. They unplug themselves from Europe and for no other reason, the sun will shine brighter, grass will grow greener, water will flow more freely, fruit will grow more abundantly (British bananas will inherently get their curvature back) and every foreigner will want to leave.


They will be fighting in the streets for loaves of bread.


Fishes … I mean vicious …


They’re on the money about this shambikic performance from the Uk that last 2.5 years, truly pathetic performance.


Now some real truth if they value the people that voted for them they would do whatever is needed to stop brexit hurting them. An oath of alligence is a formula of words that does stop the SNP or labour republicans Dennis Skinner taking there seats. Sf could tip the balance of power and going in to parliament to vote down brexit is the most republican thing they could do. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.


The danger with the Shinners taking their seats and voting is that some of the remainers in Britain would change their vote to Brexit rather than have Britains future decided by the hated Sinn Fein / IRA.


Fucking hell

Easily the biggest march since the Iraq War protests


As expected. Between 700k and 1 million.


Brexiteers in a nutshell