Used to think major was useless, he looks a league above the current bunch


Took more risks on Northern Ireland/Sinn Féin than any of his predecessors.


Major appeared weak because of who he followed. But he was far from the worst leader they’ve had. In fact he was well ahead of the likes of May, Cameron and Browne.


Without doubt, the quality of leadership in the west is at an all time low.


Major liked to Currie favour …


Not a great metaphor


That comment will go down well.


Dunno they might get an icy reception of the EU with that comment.


Brings a whole new meaning to Belfast sink.



Good points. I would slightly disagree on a couple of things, I wouldn’t entirely blame only the middle classes for being happy with the status quo - there is a shocking (in my view!) antipathy about a United Ireland in general among nationalists from all classes. Nationalists have become terribly depoliticised over the last 10 years The only thing that is maintaining a degree of politicisation is the sheer bigotry of Arlene Foster.

Unionists on the other hand have maintained their politicisation. If Nationalists had reacted to the flags, language etc. issues like Unionists had, we would be much further along. I know Unionism has an advantage in that the cultural norm as portrayed by mainstream media is British, but nationalists do need to get off their asses a bit.

Yes, that is the SF strategy, to gain from the current troubles of the Tories / Unionists. I don’t think it is particularly to gain from a hard Brexit, but to exploit the current issues. It could be a sensible strategy, if we fall short of a hard Brexit. But if it goes that far, it will have a very negative effect. It will drive a greater wedge between North and South. Yes, people in the North will be worse off then they would without Brexit, but this won’t enhance the call for a United Ireland as they won’t actually know it. It will be a comparison of two scenarios, one of which won’t actually have happened so it will be impossible to know how it would have went with a soft Brexit. Unionists will have facts and figures that will say they are better off that way. And these days politically, everyone just speaks to their base anyway, so there will be no proper debate about the outcome.



The delicious irony is that there is a good chunck of leave voters who live in France and selfishly thought there’d be no consequences for them


The Lithuanian President pulls no punches


That’s basically the situation. The British Cabinet are split, never mind the Tories and never mind parliament. after all this bluster she will take this deal back and it will get shot to pieces.

Really they should have defined what brexit was before the bloody referendum and costed the bloody thing. But not, David feckin Cameron, no he had to rush into the thing thinking he was invincible.


theres a surprise, Brexiters calling for the backstop to be rejected, despite agreeing to it in writing last year.


Looks like they agreed to it so they could move forward on the talks.


Easy for you to say, Michael Bloody Caine - sure, you’re worth a fortune.

Roger Daltry recently said something along the lines that it will all be ok, bands will still be able to tour the UK after Brexit. Good to know where his priorities lie.


Daltry and Caine don’t even live in Britain ffs


This is well worth 5 mins of your time. Jason Hunter knows his stuff and its obvious to why Farage wanted to cut him off. From my listening to him over the last few weeks the only legal outcomes are either a) the UK stays or b) they leave and the north either joins the republic or goes it alone. All sorts of other legal ramifications to this. Such a mess