Cameron had to call a vote on Brexit as UKIP were taking votes and membership from one wing of this party, would have won the vote if Boris Johnson han’t had ambitions to be PM.

Thatcher will always be remembered for the wrong she did to her own people and Irish people.


Ah… the good old days…
Garret, Maggie and Ronnie in charge.



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Christ … cringeworthy …

Mamma Mia or Waterloo would’ve been more appropriate

S.O.S would have done the job too.


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Cringeworthy doesn’t even come close. It was possibly the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen a politician do. Hate her and all as you might could you imagine Thatcher doing such a thing?

Only for the effect it would and will have here I’d ■■■■ them out yesterday if I could.



If the scaffolding has disappeared maybe the people of real talent can no longer make it through to leadership roles.


In fairness, the Tories are going back to their roots with their young…

I hope the lone female in the picture never let her drinks out of her sight. Otherwise, a Brett Kavanaugh moment might be recounted at some time in the future for one or two of the males there.


an anti-NHS message… the world has gone mad.


The way things are going they could get done for writing on her (tee-shirt).


If they had their way, they would halve the UK population; deport all East Europeans, Asians and Africans; limit Scotland and Wales to agriculture; ban all overseas investment by Brits and all overseas aid and only use defence spending on their airports and coastline and maintain a proxy war with Ireland within the six counties (purely to justify their defence budget).



Quite the irony


And of course

When all else fails for the Brits blame France


Not brexit related but that country is in some state


Such magnificent negotiating skills


It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious.


Exactly. If they weren’t going to drag us down with them it’d Be hilarious.


Foster says no deal is better than Northern Ireland having some sort of special status. Meanwhile her party are still angry she attended the Ulster final.

Also Sinn Fein don’t get a free pass…don’t seem interested in getting power sharing going but then again when your dealing with unionist extremists I suppose what can one say…

Complete madness and it’s betond belief. In an ideal world the DUP and SF should be working together to milk the UK and EU to get the best of both world deal for the north…but sure that would be the logical step.


I wonder if mcguinness and Paisley where alive where we would be with all of this. Unionists are headbangers