I find it hilarious the way the DUP bang on about how they don’t want to be treated differently to the rest of the UK yet unlike the rest of the UK there is no abortion or same sex marriage allowed in the North.


C’mon guy - that’s not hilarious …


Mea Culpa badly worded.


No - it is hilarious in its ridiculousness!


All of this damage & hassle for what exactly?


Blue Passports obviously :roll_eyes:


In the name of stiff upper lipped jingoism, bigotry and racism. Those quintessential British traits to which the DUP et al aspire


The reason we fought for independance from those chinless wonders across the water is that they merrily threw this country under the bus whenever it suited their book to do so

Time for the northern lads to man up and vote them out our hair for good


Jon Snow is a damn good journalist. Speaks volumes about her fears that she won’t be interviewed by him


Agree with you.

But voting them out is easier said than done.


He’d make bits of her.

The Brits are in real trouble. And every time she opens her mouth there’s a danger that the general public might actually realize it.


Was talking to a mate who’s a Londoner today. He reckons support for a people’s vote is growing by the day.


The brexit boulder is gathering pace and with each passing day the fears of a hard brexit seem to be edging closer.

It would be laughable if it didn’t effect us on this island. Peace should never be taken for granted and Fosters comments are dangerous.


Is she Paul Merton’s twin brother?


Seems that way, too little too late I think, unfortunately. The maybot seems determined to ignore it.


Christ … cringeworthy …

Mamma Mia or Waterloo would’ve been more appropriate …


Sweet baby Jesus she can’t help but embarrass herself. Have I Got News For You is back on Friday night and they will have a field day with this


Still undecided as to who succeeds Eden as Britain’s worst Post War PM. Cameron for needlessly calling the referendum or May for doing fùck all and in fact making things much worse


Wonder will Peter Kay include that in his ‘wedding dance walks’


Thatcher. Always Thatcher.