Just some quick thoughts. If there is a hard Brexit without a backstop then the UK will have breached the Good Friday Agreement. The GFA will then be dead. It is the GFA that guarantees the north will not be handed over to the republic without a majority of voters approving the decision in a border poll. So without the GFA a future UK PM (e.g. noted Irish sympathiser Jeremy Corbyn) could just hand over the north. Is that correct?

Personally I think that would be a very bad way to go about doing things and would only lead to trouble, but if it is the case perhaps it would be a point worth making to the DUP when the are making their demands on how the border is handled.


Would be a disaster. We don’t want loyalist extremists setting off bombs in our cities…because that is what would happen.


Oh absolutely I think it would be a disaster, I fully believe any and all solutions must be backed up by democratic votes. But from a legal point of view I think this could be possible.


At this stage, the loyalists couldn’t fight sleep. Gorged and lazy from profits on drugs. They couldn’t light a cigarette never mind detonate a bomb. The Ra, however, is a different kettle of fish. It has the expertise to go back to war if it wants to. However, it doesn’t want to, and doesn’t need to.


Reintroduce a hard border and that might change. A no deal scenario = hard border. The tories are denying they agreed a backstop.


If a hard border goes in, in will be put in by the E.U. It will be managed by Irish customs officers, veterinary inspectors etc. No guns. If guns become needed, E.U. or Irish soldiers will be drafted in, in my humble opinion. The Ra won’t be shooting them.


The brits will be legally required to enforce a border by wto if they leave without a deal.




Never understood the complacency about this. If they are in a different customs area, with different food standards, a border has to happen.

Their “tech” solutions is/was nonsense.

The only way around it is checks between NI & Uk, but they’re making a big song and dance about that


Mogg & Boris are pushing for no deal, that’s why they keep playing down the Irish border issue. Mogg even claimed the other day that there’s already a border in Ireland.


These people have fucked around with history and ridden roughshod over a delicately negotiated peace deal without a smidgeon of understanding - or care. It is deplorable really. Wankers like Mogg and Johnson should study their history carefully. They could end up right in the firing line … and most people wouldn’t give a shit.


… aided and abetted by the DUP of course


Didn’t stop them shooting Gardai in the not too distant past. Only takes a few extremist but jobs to cause chaos again. A hard border becomes a target.


As reckless as they are ignorant. And for what exactly? What are the benefits again? Oh yea, they can do a trade deal with New Zealand if they want. One of the first countries they approached about a trade deal was India, what did India want? More visas. The Brexit racists won’t like that.


They’re determined to tear down the GFA


I think we are Donald ducked. These ■■■■■ and the we’ll be home before Christmas arseholes mogg and Johnston have a lot to answer for


Really struggling to figure out the unionists long game here. They know the future of the union depends on nationalist acquiesce. Yet their largest party leader mouths off about the future of the GFA like it’s a matter for the school playground.

I’d wonder if any moderate unionists would defect votes to the alliance next time round.


Lithuanian EU Commissioner



There is no possible way where the UK can avoid the break up of the union and prevent a border in Ireland. Its impossible and was never on the table. Its one or the other. They either cut the North off from England, Scotland and Wales or they put checkpoints from Dundalk to Donegal. Its that simple