In fairness it had looked like that had happened long ago!


This is the next Tory leader folks :roll_eyes:


Also this


He wouldn’t have the balls.


Think he might be making his move.

Excellent explainer tweet thread for the British public who largely don’t understand why the border is such an issue, from Patrick Kielty of all people.


Fantastic post! I’d never have accused him of having that level of ability but fail play to him.


The British are tearing themselves apart. Kind of ironic that the Irish border is hindering their exit…


Fucking hell


"How dare they don’t let’s us have our cake and eat it "


They’re in full on blame the Eu mode now. Predictable enough.


And it will work out so well for them.


As someone pointed out the comparisons to the Soviet Union isn’t exactly going to go down well with the Eastern European member states


It might play to their base but they seem to forget we can see what they’re saying. Didn’t see the EU trying to stop them leaving anyways, just because the EU won’t allow them to leave and still have the benefits of membership they’re like a toddler who’s been told to put the iPad down.


Ah come on now @Tayto


They have been serious with Brexit it’s the Brits that aren’t. It’s been laid for the last 2 years what had to be done. This isn’t some golf club they’re leaving


That’s modern living isn’t it? The chislers are addicted to screens.


After Brexit you wont buy a 10 penny gag with a fist full of pounds in Dublin


Suggestions that May will propose a plan where by the UK stay in the EU customs are laughable.

Your either in or out and the EU can not facilitate a soft landing because it opens a can of worms where other nations will follow.


Inbread c*nts


Are you surprised? Secretly of course the DUP want a hard border. Tony Blair’s former right hand man on the Pat Kenny show suggested this only last week but Pat jumped to the defense of the DUP.