Sorry you’ll have to refesh me…what were u asking me ?


The moment has been lost!


Seems like every other day now that the UK and the US do things purely for the sake of out-wankering each other …


Shit or get off the pot Boris.



Typical upper class tory twit, could not care less about norn iron and will blame everyone but himself when police and soldiers start getting shot again.

he was a senior minister in this debacle for 2 years and couldn’t come up with anything so he’s no going to take pot shots from the sidelines, true hurler on the ditch.


It’s this kind of appalling attitude that is a real threat to peace on this island. The last line is typical of this pompous, Neantherdal wanker.

“Go back to our EU friends and tell them that the December 8th Irish ‘backstop’ arrangement – which effectively gives Brussels the perpetual right to the economic annexation of Northern Ireland if it deems there is ever any regulatory divergence between NI and the rest of the EU – is no longer operative and no longer acceptable to this country. That means we will need a different Withdrawal Agreement, stating that the Irish border question will be settled as part of the deal on the future economic arrangements, and that both sides are committed to avoiding a hard border,” Mr Johnson writes.

“I recognise that this would be a difficult step, given the diplomatic energy squandered on the backstop …”


So tear up 2 years of work and start again, does he know they’re leaving in march and everything needs to be agreed by november at the latest. what a gimp.

I would love to see a poll in NI for the prefered solution to the customs checks, a border in ireland or check shipments in ports. i’d say most would prefer check in ports (if you take the nonsense about dividing up the UK which is hyperbole really).


There won’t be a hard border and the way in which the global market works now will mean that EU will come to some sort of arrangement with Brits regarding finance and trade. Brits in turn will regain some control over hundreds of thousands planning on arriving by hijacked truck from Calais and getting free stuff from Corbyn’s elves.

London is still key financial centre - unlike Clones :slight_smile: - so won’t be end of the world.

In meantime the Hobbits who run this kip on behalf of Merkel and the banks will be able to pretend that someone somewhere gives a somersaulting fart what they think about anything, other than paying their vig :slight_smile:


That’s a bit harsh on hobbits. They did save the world once after all. Maybe Angela could give them another ring…


The extremists are pushing for their deregulated nirvana which can only happen in a no deal scenario = hard border.


A hard border would be opposite to deregulation surely?

The real extremists are those attempting to turn Europe into a corporate version of the Soviet Union or the third Reich, which were pretty much the same thing.


Holy Moly!


You think Boris/mogg give a flying fook about anything to do with Ireland? They couldn’t care less. They want their brexit so they can slash food standards & pesky environmental laws and make more money for themselves and their mates.


Bananas. Assuming you’re on the gargle early for the Ryder cup or something. Corporate gas chambers and a gulag for Boyd Barrett is it?


Merely pointing out that de-regulation means abolishing borders not imposing them.

As for gulags, likes of RBB would be the ones building them, if history is anything to go by :grinning:



Surely it must strike them that this is insane? We fed them during the war years but that won’t happen this time!


Brought to you by the same people advocating a technological solution to the border



Feel for their app developer tho,