Well thats just hysterical rubbish in fairness. War is part of life whether we like it or not and in some cases it is justified. Huge difference between that and tyrannical, oppressive regimes. Its lowest common denominator stuff. Its gotten to stage where pure evil can’t be called out without someone going “but but America”


When? They’re still in power. I cannot imagine the Labour Party returning more MP’s after the next election, either. It will be up to the Tories to try and broker a deal for a minority government again or another coalition.


We’ll yes they are still in power.
The whole referendum was to prevent a split in the conservative party. A split conservative party would have been out of power pronto.

So to hold onto power, in my opinion, they have led the country off a cliff.


Nail on head.


that it in one succinct post.


If we stop trade with all those countries I guess we should kick out all the US based companies here…that’s yours truly out of a job…our economy would collapse…sure let’s do it for da Craic and we can all sing around the campfire with Clare, Mick and Boyd Barrett…


Don’t worry. You can learn to knit and all you ex-FDI guys can knit Arran jumpers at the crossroads and sell them to American tourists. It’ll be grand.


And sure we’ll be grand in Dubbelin in all in anyways with all our funding and resources and population and systems and processes and whatnot.


You should read up on the middle East. The point is simple. Some countries cause harm overtly. Others covertly. We are all hypocrites!


I asked you a question yesterday and someone else had to answer for you!


I’m not arguing against your points. Tories are still in power, though, and - I believe - better placed than Labour to head the next UK government despite their internal wrangles. This, in my opinion, is chiefly down to Corbyn making Labour more and more unelectable. A Labour Party MP (and keen Corbynite) yesterday called for a general strike unless there was a General Election. As bad and all as the Tories are, there is no credible opposition to them whilst Corbyn is around.


Conservatives at this point seem to only be as good as the standard of challenge the opposition present to them. By that criteria Britain has no choice but poor leadership at the moment. The Liberals likewise seem to be at nothing.

Things in Ireland are little better in terms of what choices we have. Better nonetheless but also more at the mercy of greater forces that we don’t have good enough leadership to deal with decisively should the shit hit the fan.


Why did Lord Surch die so young? Indeed speaking of Plaid Cymru - why did Dai Young?


Because he was the leekist wink?


So no one bought they shy couple of gay Russian lads story? The Russian who went home early to get away from the snow … back up three foot of snow in Moscow, no one bought that gubbins?


I’m well read up on the middle east


Well then you will know how complex it is and how difficult to pick out one or two countries as ‘baddies’.


Which one was that ?


Never claimed otherwise.


About sanctions.