ok to reword we don’t trade with who the yanks tell us.

Lets see how the EU Iran trade process will work. the EU setting up a shell company to avoid the US sanctions is interesting. Ireland could be in a difficult spot.


I agree. Saudi’s, Israel, Palestine the lot of them. So far removed from civilised culture that i want Ireland to have nothing to do with them. What the Israelis do to the Palestinians is a disgrace and they’re scum for doing so but the Palestinians are no shrinking violets either and I’m not talking about their resistance to Israeli oppression either


that is a more accurate statement


I’ll get back to you on the innacuracies here.


How about China?


It’s about as normal as the protestant state for a protestant people was in the North.


What about the boycott of South African goods etc back in the day? The Dunnes Stores workers who striked? It’s always our business isn’t it?


I’ll be honest i don’t know enough about China and how it treats its citizens. I know in the past they had reprehensible laws like the one child rule etc. I believe that is no longer the case and they’re a more open society now but I’m open to correction there. You’ll have me agreeing fully and lumping them in with all the previously mentioned regimes if they’re guilty of the same.


Why reprehensible? Probably saved the planet and at least saved alot of poverty and environment damage in China by having that rule.


That was handling imports - and more than likely wouldn’t happen now with unions not as strong as they were.

Exports - we don’t care - sell sell sell


In fairness it wasn’t the unions that led that one it was a few very young women who took a stand and a huge risk in an era with exceptionally high unemployment and an employer with a less than friendly industrial relations record.

The agreement for weather to trade with various regimes is interesting. Has China modernised and changed since they opened up to western influence or would it have been better to let them go the way of North Koerea?


I’ve seen reports in the past of babies been murdered and abandoned as a result of that policy


Pretty much happened in Ireland too. And many other places. In a country of two billion always going to be a fair amount of bad and terrible things but that policy in and of itself was not very wring imo especially when you look what’s happening to the planet.


It was union led



Corbyn is leading the UK Labour Party off a cliff edge, all in the pursuit of power.


If we are honest, let’s stop trading with the nations who cause the wars and supply the arms. Now let’s see. That’d be the U.S., the U.K., Saudi Arabia, France…etc. The Yanks armed the Afghans in the 80s when we called them the Mujihideen. Then a while later, they were the Taliban and considered very naughty. The Yanks also armed Iran before. Then armed Iraq! You see?


Isn’t that what the conservatives did though with the referendum ?


They were already in power. They were trying to prevent their own civil war.
Whether or not I like it, I feel that the Tories will emerge from all of this in a better state than Labour so long as Corbyn is in charge unless Corbyn leads a total rethink on Brexit over the next 4-5 months within the UK.


A civil war that would have resulted in losing power