Some one gets it


Similarily Sweden introduced checks on their side of the Oresund bridge about 2 years ago, but there’s no check when going to Denmark or Germany.


Nor is Ireland, is it?




“Far right” parties - which in most cases have economic policies to the left of the traditional left - have moved the agenda in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, Italy and elsewhere to position where even the liberal social democratic parties have far stricter policies on immigration than they used to. Exception is Germany where political elite is so terrified of being accused of being Nazis that they not only want to see Germany over run but are pushing same agenda for rest of EU.

No sane person is opposed to immigration or to intake of genuine refugees, but for every Syrian there are dozens of young men from countries that have no entitlement to refugee status. If there are no controls then there will be chaos. That is the main reason why Brits voted for Brexit. If it goes ahead then we will be one of the countries to bear the brunt of their stricter controls.

That might not be something people want to dwell upon, but it is reality.


who do Britain take in as refugees though?


Whoever can make it across the Channel by all accounts. Once you get your foot in the door you are as good as set up for life. As we know here, it is almost impossible to get rid of bogus claimants and even murderers and rapists are allowed stay after their sentences are finished.

We have had preposterous cases of liberal feminist lawyers crying over the “rights” of such creatures. At least in other countries these things are the subject of discussion. Here, you would be more popular advocating bestiality :grinning:


Feminist? Not sure where that comes into it. Do you lump liberal and feminism as the same thing?


Britain take in far more from the commonwealth former colonies than they do from eu nations or refugees.

Germany like a number if eu countries are close to full employment and are short people in the labour market.

Steady on Sid the sexist just cause their wimin does not make them more wrong.


I was referring to the contradiction of feminists who defend the “rights” of rapists.

A bit like the feminist MEPs who got all weepy about that Egyptian chap who believes that little girls ought to have their sexual organs mutilated.

And yes, they tend to be liberals!


Yeah fair point there feminists and liberals/lefties supporting groups in Palestine who are very anti women is a massive contradiction and blind spot for them …its a bit like wimin drivers ask them to drive and their perfectly safe, ask them to parallel park … . …:wink: I’ll get me coat.


Ironically we have our own version here with Mick Wallace and Clare Daly a self proclaimed feminist, now aiding with poor old Iran…I wonder how long Daly would be allowed protest in Iran before disappearing? As for Wallace, I’d send him to Iran as punishment for wearing that shirt alone


Clare Daly wants to know why Ireland supports sanctions against Iran and Syria. Perhaps you could answer this for her?


Syria has used chemical weapons on its own people and Iran treats its women and gay citizens horrendously. I wouldn’t want Ireland to ever do trade with either of those despicable regimes


We trade with regimes who do far worse. But apart ftom that, what evidence have you about Syria and chemical weapons? I know Assad is murderous tyrant but there is more to this than that. Russia treats gays awfully and trades with the whole world. The sanctions are a joke. (THIS is of course, massive hypocrisy from me, given my position on Israel!!)


Russia treats gay people horrifically i agree and when did i say they didn’t but lets not pretend Iran are not way worse cause they are. I wouldn’t stop just at Iran and Syria. I’d cease all trade and pull all ambassadors from all countries who implement sharia and treat women as second class citizens.


Misogyny, Check
Far Right are lefties, Check
Arguments based on emotion not fact. Check
Spread division. Check

Not worrying at all an Irish person would come out with this


Israel for all its faults is only state in middle east that has normal democratic politics which extends to Arab representation in Knesset. PLO and Hamas have not had an election - nor do they intend to have one - since they were both elected years ago. They also have medieval policies towards gays, women, trade unions, Jews, Christians (PLO not quite so bad but don’t stop population acting in that way).

And yet likes of Daly support boycotting Israel but are chums with Iran, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and Putin. Which is ironic given that as others have said above, Daly would not last a wet day under one of those regimes, Even their chums out in Clonskeagh would have herself and Boylan and the rest tortured to death if they were under their control. As Egyptian socialists know to their cost. Morally bankrupt.


I agree but what about the likes of saudi arabia & israel we trade with both of these murderous regimes.

There is a lack of consistency and lets be honest we trade with who the yanks tell us, there is no Irish morality in any of these decisions.


Don’t fully agree with that statement.
We trade with countries who have a massive market for our goods - and if they do things we wouldn’t - well as long as they are buying our stuff its none of our business.