As far as i can make out, a border in Ireland breaks all kinds of laws. Its a total clusterfuck


Where did you get the idea they are the only driver involved and that it wont have a bad impact well beyond there?


Well they’re not the only driver I think they’re going to crash into us.

If I had to get all money would be on a hard brexit. Conservatives just are so fractured it unbelievable, most are not ideologically against Europe but just can’t stomach a u turn. Labour and lib dems are more pro Europe apart from Corbyn who is a good old left wing anti Europe.
Even it would be in dup’s economic interests to be anti brexit they are pro so as not to break up the union. Sinn Fein historically the most anti European party on the island is now demanding northern Ireland’s right.

Boris Johnson had a piece in the last few days that the border was only brought up in an attempt to annex northern Ireland and he proceeded to berate another entity (eu) for trying to annex a territory without it’s consent, oh the irony.

Eu will trying to break britain for two main reasons 1 the don’t want them behind switzerland/Cayman islands for cheap financial services that would drain funds from the eurozone and 2 if they prosper every other member state will be eyeing the exit the Italians in particular.

It ain’t going to be pretty and were right in the path of a runway car.


There’s a ring of truth to it though, no? I mean i’d Like to see the graph that had anarchist in the middle. That’d Be fun.


A no deal would have a serious impact on us, but a reasonable deal wouldn’t be the end of ten world, except the border needs sorting out.

Esri estimated something like a 40,000 jobs lost in no deal brexit, & a 4% dent in lost growth.


Yes Germany regularly still not sure what this has to do with the EU membership. Outside free movement of EU citizens it’s national parliaments who govern migration. Obviously there are a lot of ignarent people looking for a bogeyman man and blame the EU but I would hope this dangerous thinking would not become prevalent in this country even in god fearing blueshirt Mayo .


Similarly, 8 out of 10 cat owners prefer Whiskas.


That’s the problem, populists dont bother with facts. They blame Germany and Sweden’s influx of refugees on the EU when it was their national governments who opened the gate. Farage’s poster of a line of refugees had nothing to do with the EU. the UK had already declined to take their share - despite being a direct cause of the mess in the middle east.

Italy is the exception whereby EU law the migrants are supposed to be kept in the country they have arrived in, until they can be dealt with, and with the rest of the EU unwilling to take a share, Italy has been left in the lurch holding the can. So their right wing gov is now refusing to let boats dock, I can understand where they’re coming from, you can;t take in endless migrants.


EU membership allows for free movement of people between countries? So if illegal immigrants get to shore they can basically go anywhere within the EU


is it not EU citizens have free movement throughout the EU? I stand to be corrected on that though


No. Once you’re into the Schengen Zone there are no controls. People can go where they like.


UK are not in the Schengen zone


I am aware of that.


Well it’s a very appostie point in this discussion but hadn’t previously been pointed out.


. if they are illegal It’s not the EU who have let them in.

Additional ireland in not part of schengen.

Edit sorry I hadn’t read the other schengen points when replying.

Controls on illegal immigrants is also a government and not an eu issue, which is policed in every state. So it’s relevant how they get to a country they can be deported. I don’t see how EU membership and the free movement of people hinders this.


I doubt it. Any EU Schengen land border I’ve travelled over I’ve had to show my passport. I recently did the Spain France one. Once you prove your EU identity, passport for us non Schengen, ID card for Schengen your on your way no questions asked as long as the officer is happy your passport is legit. Non EU are treated differently where checks are in place.

Ireland/UK in theory is a back door for illegals as the Common Travel Area doesn’t require a passport for travel. Airlines may ask for one but it’s their policy rather than official policy. X illegal in Ireland can travel to the UK as long as they have a valid ID with ease. I know for a fact Aer Lingus only required in date photo ID for travel to the UK.

Post Brexit Irish UK emigration laws for non EU citizens will have to continue to mirror each other or the CTA will fail. A situation not agreeable to the Irish government id imagine.


This is why Labour are a mess. The common sense approach is a new referendum with the option of remaining.



Never asked to show a passport in between Schengen countries. Amazed that you have been.


France imposed checks after the attacks in recent years IIRC would explain why he had to show his papers going between Spain and France


I was on a train from Lux to Paris 11 months ago.