EU membership and increase in Muslims have little or nothing to do with one another, its this kind of thought process that gives rise to the ignorance that underlies Brexit. Currently Britain can not fill positions in their public service, when the EU citizens are locked out who will fill these jobs, it certainly wont be Brits…


Exactly. They EU asked member states to take in relatively small numbers of syrian refugees (genuine refugees) and a lot of states including the UK basically said no.


The irony is Brexit will lead to more Muslims and (sorry for using this term) “Brown people” going to the UK as post brexit their main source of labour will be former colonies like India & Pakistan.


This is the way it certainly seems to look anyway. The fudging over a 2nd vote would appear to back it up too



India’s first demand of a potential free trade deal? … More visas to the UK.


Yes, EU might do this deal now the UK is out.


He’s the son of former Tory Foreign and Defence Secretary, Malcolm Rifkind. As a Jew, he probably does have some bones to pick with the Labour Party. That said, I think, regardless of his background, he is right on this. The Labour Party would rather take power in Downing St on the foot of a Tory led catastrophe than to be the opposition to a Tory government in a flourishing nation.


In fairness he doesn’t follow his old man’s politics afaik. Seems to be closer to the centre if anything.


It’s what the right claim though. I was trying to explain the thinking behind why extreme right wing parties are on the rise. Also there is an increase in immigration to Europe. Ever been to Sweden, Germany?


Over 80% of people still voted for non far right parties


I don’t think Labour are that cunning (or stupid to look at it another way) the Brexit vote has rightly goosed them and the Tories right along their respective party fissure lines

Worse case scenario Brexit and UK Labour will be inheriting a flaming wreck from the Tories, that’s something no party cares for, Ask Joan Burton :joy:

Right now a Corbyn government with a good majority is probably in Ireland’s best interest. Get some sort of deal in place for a border poll in the near future and finally detach us from the Oxbridge headbangers on the next island over


They’re fucked.


People like McDonnell and the union leaders (Len McCluskey) are going to lead the Labour Party to death on their idealist principles.


Facepalm. infuriating. Completely pointless.

How about offering the people of NI a vote in where the customs checks are? On a hard border or in Uk ports.


Are labour right wingers now too? :grinning:

Honestly though this is a catastrophe but let them at it at this stage. We’ll take a small hit temporarily but we’ll be fine. If they want to destroy themselves for generations, let them.



Go far enough in either direction and they start to resemble each other


I’ve actually been reading a good bit about this lately cause well lets face it, who doesn’t enjoy watching a British political and economical car crash, where they are the only driver involved?

Anyway, as far as i can make it there is no possible way any deal can be made due to the Lisbon treaty unless all 27 members unanimously decide to allow it, Its just not going to happen. There’s too much money to be made by other countries picking the corpse at British manufacturing and exports once Brexit happens.

It looks as if there is only 2 possibilities here and that is No Deal Brexit or they just stay in the EU. No Deal means Britain becomes a third world country in 2 years. This is all just insanity


I think it’s in everyone else’s interests to do a deal. The biggest sticking point is the irish border. They won’t have the customs checks in UK ports and we won’t have the border in ireland.Otherwise they would have their canada plus and they think it’d be happy days. (the brexiteers are in denial the amount of damage the canda plus would do to their economy and the jobs would still move to the EU).


I find these kind of charts utterly ridiculous, it’s funny how whatever ideology you’re having yourself always magically appears in the centre :joy: