Also this …


There was already a “people’s vote.” It voted to leave.

Labour Party is rapidly descending into a pastiche of the unelectable monster raving looney party it was in the 80s.


People are allowed to change their minds. Especially when they had no idea what was coming down the line.

Referenda in the UK are advsisory. They do not have to be implemented.

Parliament is sovereign.


Negotiations are at an impasse. Mays red lines are incompatible with the eu’s red lines. The Northern Ireland question is insolvable (as some said all along).

A no deal scenario is certainly not what people voted for. It is increasingly clear it would be a disaster. Not to mention the extremely dubious law breaking & financing of and by the leave campaign.

Even the brexiteers have given up pretending that this is going to be of benefit to the Uk, except for mogg who says they can save a fortune by slashing food standards and environmental laws. I don’t know for sure but I really doubt people voted for that. They’re also now mooting a USA style healthcare model. Pretty sure people didn’t vote for that either. The goal posts which were undefined in the original vote have come into view and they’re entirely different to what was promised. This is not typical politician exaggerated policies, this is out and out lies.

Genuinely think the only way out of this mess is another vote, things are a lot clearer now. Cards are actually on the table. if they vote for no deal now then good luck to them, but I very much doubt they will.


Yuuuuge numbers. The unions have twigged how bad this will be, looks like labour membershio are following suit.


No no no. The people were openly lied to and there was interference in the democratic process. If there is another referendum, now that the people have some idea as to what they voted for, the leave campaign will be trounced by more than 2 to 1.


Another vote could be just be to give direction as to what shape brexit takes because the brexiteers dont have a plan. And may’s demands are just plain dumb. They could ask the people of Norn Iron do they want the border in Ireland or checks at UK ports to and from NI to the UK. I know which would effect peoples lives less. It is not breaking up the UK, it is a logical solution to avoiding a border. The tories suggestions of buffer zones or drones and electronic tags are a joke.


Brexit WILL happen , 5/10 years down the road UK will apply to rejoin the EU.absurd.



No it won’t.


Which one ,leaving ??? Only thing that might stop it is an general election with a labour win .


Corbyn wants an election to put Labour in power but I feel he still wants some form of Brexit to happen. However I believe the Labour membership will, resoundingly (over 80%) mandate the Labour leadership to demand a referendum on any final Brexit deal. This is not really what Corbyn wants but he may have no choice. If they can force a referendum, the result will be a massive vote to stay which would trigger a general election but by that stage, Corbyn’s hands would be tied and he would have to keep the U.K. in the E.U. when he wins the election, which he will. The next govt there will be Labour or Labour plus Lib. Dems- who are the only party that have called Brexit correctly from day one.


Sobering interview, they are in the shit big time


That is terrifying Tayto. Which is why there will be another referendum and a change of govt across the water.


Don’t know if there will be, they seem determined to stuff it up. Corbyn says he’ll add the people’s vote to labour a election manifesto if the membership decide they want it. But there won’t be an election between now and March. Typically watery stuff from corbyn who seems determined to not be an opposition to the tories - because as others have mentioned on this thread, he is a euro skeptic at heart.


This is the kind of idiocy you’re Dealing with


Was thinking it was too much of a sensible decision from Corbyn


Depends on the landscape. I’ve an uncle working in Sweden and he says it’s no surprise the right wing are on the rise there…open borders and a policy that allows to many Muslims in is exploding. Scary stuff. The EU for all it’s flaws has overseen the longest “peace time” in Europe. It should never be taken as granted.


Good debate folks, great to see some differing and informed opinions finally taking over from the age-old lazy, cowardly anti-Brit droning.


Corbyn got the fudge he wanted. No surprise but a pity nonetheless.