She obviously has zero sense of irony. She’s not really all that bright.


Demanding respect from the EU despite the fact that the right wing Brexiteers have been abusing the EU for years not to mention the disrespect shown by Boris and other members of her shallow Cabinet.

Respect indeed. Take a leaf out of the GAA Theresa - give respect, get respect …


Must be just like living in the UK …


Telling the EU to get serious after more than two years of Tory squabbling and infighting. They tried to go behind Barnier’s back. Tried to split the EU 27. Trying constantly to row back on what they agreed in NI. They keep threatening not to pay their dues And are constantly threatening to walk away. Then she invents a ridiculously unworkable “solution” and gets pissy when it is shot down. Even though the dog’s in the street knew it was fantasy. FFS. She’s a joke at this stage.


And the biggest laugh of all… even if it had gotten EU support, she will never get it through the UK parliament. There are just too many pro-Brexit and Remain Tory MP’s against it for her to do so.
The woman is deluded.


Yes they would in a referendum.


That’s not gonna happen.



People banging on about Brexit being a “right wing” initiative are overlooking fact that Corbyn supports leaving. So even in the unlikely event of his winning the next election, not much will change.

Labour left in Britain has always been anti EU and in favour of leaving. It is only here that the “left” has turned into brown nosing pro European centralists. Then again they have same attitude to Brits, multi nationals, US Democrats and any other bullies who let them ring a bell on the /new York Stock Exchange and have dinner in the White house kitchen :grinning:



Corbyn et al see the EU as a bullying rich boy’s club that is run by corporate types for the benefit of the rich. When you consider the treatment of Ireland and Greece, the imposition of bureaucrats over the heads of the people to govern other countries, it’s hard to ignore.


Which implies that the Tories are right, whatever their motives!


Sounds suspiciously like the last few Tory and Labour governments to me.


I would not agree. The Tories are neoliberals too but have silly hankerings after empire, one that is long gone. Their reasons for leaving are illogical. The EU has not helped itself by allowing German economics to hold away. That does not mean that Brexit is a logical move for the Tories but it does make it logical for Labour, which is a pity as Labour could stop it. I don’t like the undemocratic nature of the EU but I would prefer the UK to stay in and work for change from within.


Some kind of co-operation is obviously a good thing. Period since 1945 is longest in western European history that there has been no continental war, and they usually pitted France against Germany with Brits involved on one side or the other. So what exists now is preferable to millions being slaughtered.

On other hand, it is not a good thing that power be centralized with one state dominating as Germany threatens to, especially if interests of large corporations are the predominant ones. EU states have little or no control over many aspects of what Brussels/Berlin wants which is why the Brits voted to leave.

I suspect they thought they might have called the EU and Germans bluff and negotiated a better deal on immigration and so on but Merkel is arrogant fk who doesn’t care what other states think. The political elite here, of all shades, is pathetic bunch of crawlers who will sacrifice country at the drop of a hat, and that applies to all of them, other than curiously the DUP! Strange times.



Corbyn now saying he will back another referendum if Labour Party members vote in favour of it.


It really is that absurd.


Poll shows a huge majority of their membership back a so called People’s vote. Whether that’s in line with their voters is a different question.

If there was another vote, the framing of the question would be hugely important.


This guy is a international trade negotiator, he has been trying to get on air with the leading brexiteers butvtgey wont go head to head against him, why? Because he knows what he’s talking about