Property ownership and inheritance will be fun, keep an eye out for some bargins come June.


Heres the solution to the Irish problem with Brexit.

The Brits withdraw from the north of Ireland…simple. No hard boarder between Britain and the EU.

Bobs yer uncle Marys yer aunty


If only it was as simple as that


If the DUP were not propping up the Tories I’m sure you would hear that from the hardliners.


If only Britain was in with a group of counties a union of sorts where there would be plenty of workers and no need to go through the hassle of trying to get work permits :thinking:


The Brexit divorce payment, over so many years, is probably better value than the 5 year deal the Tories did with the DUP. Brexit will lead to a United Ireland sooner than otherwise. Therefore, the Tories, in effect, are investing in a United Ireland.
Great stuff!


The irony of it all would be off the scale.
‘By ballot or gun our day will come’ is the old slogan but I dont think it was foreseen that it would be the British public vote that lead to a united Ireland. Not an armed campaign, not by SF, not by a referendum on a united Ireland but a referendum where the people of Britain were duped into thinking they were voting to protect their borders from terrorist/immigrants.


An interesting way of looking at it, if the DUP don’t fill their pockets with it first. With the corruption they get away with up there you can see why FF are looking to get in on the action.


Slave labour being advocated right there, in effect.


Just finished off the excellent Patrick Melrose . Was checking out Cumberbatches up coming roles & discovered he’s starring in a drama to be shown on Channel 4 playing Dominic Cummings




This is the type of shite that the Daily Heil has filled peoples head’s with


Maybe he should direct his anger at Maggie Thatcher on those particular industries.


Yes what would the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover know about *** checks notes *** Jaguar Land Rover


Must check the RTE website for this


The brexiteers are brazenly lying to get this over the line, they can’t possibly be this stupid.


Brexit a piece of cake…


What the fùck ???


christ the uk really lacks and credible leadership at the moment.


Some irony there…