This is gathering momentum


THEse arseholes have declined to outline their brexit plan. Useless c**ts.?


@Tayto. Maybe a simple question. But what’s in it for Europe if Britain don’t leave


Uk leaving will hit everyone, us and the Uk the most. Them by far the most of course.


I know it will hurt us, but will it impact the rest of europe as much. If not then why bother keeping them


I’m sure lots are asking the same question, but overall better with them in than out. Northern Europe trades with Uk a lot.


For example, EU trading and negotiating power as a block is much greater with them in, and in terms of their individual influence around the globe, albeit fast declining, and the ‘special relationship’ with the US is nowadays of dubious value to them or Europe.


Appeasing the far right. That worked out well previously for a British PM…


McDonnell has something of a chequered past - a bit like his party leader. He’s a close ally of Corbyn. They are equally blind to the potential opportunity to grasp the nettle and shut down Brexit and I cannot, for one minute, think why, other than to try and overthrow the current Government.


THE BBC continue to give too much balance, as in, 99.9% of economists think it’s a terrible idea but they’re Going to balance that with the opinion of one guy who thinks it is a good idea and the write this headline


A bit like finding some crockpot scientist to deny global warming and then have a headline”scientists deny global warming” very irresponsible headline writing.


It will be a ‘soft landing’ followed by a roll of a cliff.


Torries have been placed in all senior positions of the BBC for the last 8 years, so they will push a balanced narrative…



The poster in the background too.


I was watching BBC Breakfast News this morning and the front page of the English Daily Mail today ran a story about petrol pump prices increasing and asking how much more motorists can take.

I’ve news for you, chaps:

Firstly, pump prices are reflective, somewhat, of crude oil prices. Oil is bought and sold in US Dollars. Since the referendum, Sterling’s value has dropped by about 20%. That means the UK wholesalers are paying 20% more for crude oil. Of course, they are going to pass that increase on to the motorists.

And secondly, a man, championed by two dear friends of Daily Mail readers (Bojo and Farage) is currently the USA President. His foreign policies haven’t lent themselves too well towards reducing oil prices. Since November 2016, crude oil prices have increased by somewhere in the region of 75%.

So, Mr(s) Editor of the Daily Mail. If you want solutions, look at your own headlines from time to time.


I see what you’re doing wrong: you’re trying to make them see sense.


The reality when it comes will be like the oil … crude …


Wait till they find out they’ll have to get Visa’s to go to the Costa


They’ll need a visa to get a coffee???