The UK Labour Party would be a far more attractive proposition to their electorate if Watson was leader. He has not been afraid to challenge Corbyn on some issues yet has survived as deputy leader.


Unfortunately they’re paralyzed by Corbyn and his popularity with the hard left. Corbyn just seems to be too weak, possibly some of that is the UK right wing media giving him a hard time but he just comes across as a total waffler and not someone who will get things done. very short of the kind of calls for accountability that are needed right now.


Thought it was actually a great tune me self. Brilliant ‘misheard song lyrics’ right there BTW.
Lookit just so long as there’s no world war and/or loss of electrical power before the matches on Sunday…



Al, I’m never sure with you where irony/ sarcasm/ parody starts and where you being wrong ends.


On Corbyn. Has nobody else considered that Corbyn, a socialist (before it was trendy with the Bono types, or the free trade types), rather than being a buffoon who can’t score into an open goal, would prefer to leave - or at least force concessions from or more probably structural changes in - the EU which is wholly geared towards the neoliberal agenda?


A goddam principlist, nothing worse for the powers that be.


Can’t be having that, principles must be flexible enough so that things carry on as before.


That is the reason he does not like the EU.


Eh? I had a misheard song lyric. I used to think the line was “matches in the bathroom”. Nobody told me there’d be posts like these!



Yeah sure thing pal. It’s not like we’ll have 25 other European states who will willlingly buy Irish beef tariff free…


He still doesn’t understand the concept of a trade surplus​:hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:


ummmm … tarifs don’t stop trade dead, they hinder trade. the main problem industry in the UK will have is that their manufacturing base operates in a supply chain where parts criss cross the channel multiple times. the delays will make this unviable as there’d be delays and tariffs each time it crosses the channel.


Straight from the Trump school if crayon and colouring book economics


Leave him to his CJD and/or foot & mouth beef.
Although he’s more a foot-in-mouth man, I reckon.


They don’t buy €800 million worth of beef from us because they love us. They buy from us because they need it and we supply the best beef in the world and are right on their doorstep. Tariffs will definitely hurt our beef industry but will also lead to huge price rises in the UK.


And if they do it to ireland they do it to the EU and equivalent Tariffs will be placed on the UK. He really doesn’t follow his thought process through.


In the aftermath of the Novochok attack in Salisbury, the UK Intelligence Agencies have identified two Russian security agents who they believe were responsible and who acted on the go-ahead from Putin. All seems to make logical sense. What I have to (somewhat) laugh at is that Tessie is pressing the EU for more stringent EU sanctions against the Russian regime.
Sorry, Mrs May… but do you not believe that you’d have a more sympathetic ear from the EU if you and your Brexiteering minions weren’t trying to play hardball at every opportunity in the Brexit negotiations?


I did find this funny, she needs to be told where to go. the EU introduce sanctions that the UK will walk away from in a few months souring further EU Russian relations. Off with you love