The commandment that states

“Thou shalt not get caught” ?


In around about way yes but not in relation to Sri Lanka allegedly :zipper_mouth_face:


Interesting show on RTÉ on the damage brexit could inflict on farming. The CAP payments which keep three quarters of Irish farmers in business will be cut as the largest contributor, and closest allies, Britain leave the EU. Worrying times ahead.


Or my own favourite: Thou shalt not poon thy neighbour’s wife.


Banks (not as in Financial Institutions) not averse, it seems, to bribing politicians.


Great reporting by Channel 4 News. Journalism at it’s finest


… doesn’t matter how dodgy it gets, they keep driving towards the cliff


Which is a crime under UK law. (Bribing foreign politicians)


Come in mr banks, your time is up


About time


She’s a right(wing) gee-bag. The total antithesis of what the Labour Party should be. She should go back home and take up Ian Jnr’s seat - she’d be more inclined with that lot.



Wow, even if only part of that came true it would be a disaster for them.
You could actually see total economic paralysis in the UK in days, yet Fox and co press on like they know what they are doing…


I expect even in a no deal, they’ll manage a deal to keep flights moving and trade flowing but their economy will go off a cliff and the next battle will be to blame those responsible - brexiteers. They will be trying to blame the Eu


The big problem is even if people want to do a deal, it always takes time to actually put these deals together. There is now less than 9 months remaining before the UK leaves the EU. That is unlikely to be anywhere near enough time to create a bespoke deal.


It’s less time than that, even. They say the need to agree by October so that the agreement can be passed by all of the various parliaments by 29th March.


Even if no overall deal, think they’ll manage to keep planes flying


This is absolute madness

But it won’t be because the Brexiteers are pig ignorant pricks of course. It’ll be becuase the EU were being “unreasonable”…:roll_eyes:


You think that’s madness. Wait til you see this.


You would hope, but these things aren’t easy. It is not simply a case of saying it’s alright fly where you want, there are numerous legal and technical aspects to agree and draw up and these take time. And while I doubt the Air Corp will be out forcing BA flights out of our skies, the French Air Force might be a little bit more forceful.