Coincidence? I think not.




That about sums it all up. Now brexit has turned into a dash for no deal which is the single most illogical thing it is possible to contemplate. Mogg was on the radio saying the pay back in 50 years will be great … ffs this is some sh1tshow.


Oh Fùck off


That’s unbelievable. Again I’m sure it’ll be a great comfort when their economy falls apart and we have border checks again.


Actually Ian Og is the real victim in all of this…


He clearly needs a holiday.



Raab is a d*ck.
Separately, Ian Paisley Jnr has been suspended for 30 days from the House of Commons. I’m not sure if any Brexit votes are due in that period of time, though.


Taking back control …


It’s thirty sitting days which will include a number of Brexit votes according to RTÉ


Ah… I thought 30 days from today which would be pretty useless given that they have finished or are on the verge of finishing for the summer holidays.


Nope. Apparently he could be out till the end of October.


So, he’ll have to pay for his own holidays in that time and not be paid as an MP in the same time? :slight_smile:


The voters in his constituency, if they got 10% of their number to sign a petition, can force a by election. The Shinners will have the numbers to make that happen


Do it. Fokker is getting off far too lightly.


Agreed. He is also a sleaze bag. Not a holy man!! like his auld fella​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Stories doing the rounds about a super injunction too.


Broke one of the commandments allegedly :smirk: