Same all over the world. If The tea pot is away in Brussels on official business the opposition here will get someone to pair with him to keep the parliamentary maths the same.
For example so ministers don’t have to leave Brexit talks to come home to vote on road safety or council boundary legislation etc


And it sometimes happens that government or opposition whips will say they are NOT going to pair off as a matter of principle on some votes (especially where an opposition gives notice of its intent to defeat a government and possibly force an election). However, when this happens, the whips will serve notice of their intentions - some that geebag (loathesome Leadsom) didn’t do. She is one right (wing) c*nt.


If only there was something the Shinners could do themselves :thinking::thinking:


Sweet Jesus.


This trade deal is very beneficial to EU farmers. Shame there’s nobody able to speak out and do something on behalf of NI Farmers


What about referenda in Scotland and N.I. to leave the U.K. and stay in the E.U? Independence for both, within the E.U.?


The dup would sink the government at the prospect. No one is interested in the 48% it seems.


It was poignant to watch Ian Paisley Jnr almost breaking down with emotion as he apologised to the House of Commons for taking not one, but two family holidays paid for by the Sri Lankan Govt. A simple mistake. Or two.


And one for which he is very sorry (he was caught).


He took a holiday…for God and Ulster!


Here we go, backing out of the backstop. C**ts.


Then it’s over. Bad deal on the way. Or no deal.


Sri Lanka?

Did Colombo carry out the investigation?
Sail on.


I think the frankly disgraceful behaviour by the UK throughout this process will see no deal being a very very bad deal for them. I also think that the EU will bend over backwards to mitigate the negative fallout here and to really sow it into the Brits.


I agree. And f**k them, you reap what you sow.

Bravo Putin, you have fecked up 2 western enemy powers with some simple mind games. Brilliant.


Your Abstentionism tripe was unsubstantiated.
Most of the stuff out of you is reteric and as never been thought through, your like a doll with a string a string on the back that repeats the same size lines.


I see what see what you did there … :smirk:


Ah, I see. A SF supporter. Fair enough so.


If you understood i wanted to say six lines you did. auto correct just makes things interesting for us dyslexic :rofl:


As opposed to a middle of the road lovely guy like you. A massive pain in the hole. Who do you vote for- after the novena?