SF have moved massively over the last 25 years and amazing for irish nationalists managed to stay United. I suspect this would be a step too far and lead to a split, its why FF and DOB meadia are pushing this


A split in the Republican movement? Whatever next.

The fact is that no one who voted remain in Northern Ireland, the majority, has anyone to speak for them. The largest party is actively ignoring what they voted for while the next largest sits on their hands. And more than any other part of the UK its the North that will suffer most when this balls up is actually up and running.


Occasionally you write something that demonstrates a level of wit and insight not usually associated with you.

This is not one of those occasions.


I have no idea what point you are trying to make, you just seem to be staying the Ill do the same The electorate voted for DUP and SF knowing their policies and can vote for someone else the next time around


Id say the same about you but I cant remember anything of interest that youve ever posted.

Try telling me whats wrong with the point Im making. What major party or parties in the North are effectively representing the peoples vote on Brexit up there?


Itll be far too late next time around.


Just this once in the interests of their constituents, but really just to wipe that smirk off moggs face as the rug is pulled from under him.


You tease, surely you remember one.

Whats wrong with the point you are making has been explained to you repeatedly, but you and others seem incapable of understanding it, which is understandable.

You then compound this with an outdated witticism - thankfully you didnt trot out the Brendan Behan quote - in an attempt to invert the exact point Hopper was making. Its hard not to think that - like Charlie Flanagan - you dont care about the voters in the north but are rather merely using this opportunity to score cheap points off Sinn Fein. And obviously demonstrate your wit and political awareness.


Chris Patten on Boris


I am perfectly capable of understanding it. The point I am making is I think its a very foolish position that they are taking.

And Im sure their principles will be of great comfort to their supporters and indeed all the people of the North when the arse falls out of what is left of their economy. And they are literally sitting on the fence and allowing the DUP elephant to aid and abet same.

And for the record I have no time for SF. They couldnt make a hard decision of their lives depended on it. Which the current situation proves beyond doubt.

Like every other party getting elected is what matters to them and nothing else. They just happen to be a particularly egregious version of that kind of cynical politics.


They should consider it, and probably canvass their voters on it as it is such an important issue, but to castigate them outright for not doing a volte face on their principles - while accusing them of having none! - is ridiculous.

As for not making hard decisions, they were making hard and terrible decisions - usually wrongly - while people down here were fighting over potholes and roundabouts.

(Ill state Im not a SF voter or supporter but the hypocrisy and lack of political awareness of people - usually wrapped up in a veneer of smug self-admiration - is nauseating.)


I didnt accuse them of having no principles. I suggested it might be time to reassess them.

But sure what differ. Wont affect us so why should we care? As youve pointed out, we never did in the past.


I dont believe that for one second.

Surely nobody says hurrah any more??


Typical you make unsupported statements or dont have the capacity respond so then play then man, you really are just hot air.


If you read the thread carefully youll find I was played first.

What unsupported statement did I make?


Classy as always from the Tories




When someone is unavailable to vote due to being on maternity leave, they are paired with someone from the opposition I think who abstains from voting


you are joking. so the lying and cheating goes on!