Really enjoyable fight between GGG & Canello.
Not sure I’d agree with the result , thought Canello tired towards the end .
GGG doesn’t give interview after fight , don’t blame him to be honest .


Congratulations to Kellie Harrington on reaching the final in the World Amateur Championships being held in India. Her progress will see her as a real medal contender in the 2020 Olympics, hopefully.


Congrats to Dublin’s Ireland’s Kellie Harrington on winning the 60kg gold at the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships 2018!


Watched it on YouTube live . Very close decision. She deserved it


Tyson fury absolutely robbed last night ,clear winner on points.


Watched the fight last night. Hard to say he was absolutely robbed. He was hit more times than he hit him, and he was on the deck twice. I thought it was a fair decision


He was absolutely fleeced. He won 9 rounds.


Not often you can say that about a traveller!!!

Howya Mr Casey :wave:


I was well oiled to be fair. It was a shite fight anyway


You were locked so!
I thought it was a good scrap, especially in the modern heavyweight era Harps.


Not a patch on Joshua’s flights


It was a great fight and far better than anything any of AJs fights produced with the obvious exception of the AJ-Klitschko fight


Sorry but thats ballix. At least in AJs fights you actually get to see a few, not many because they are so good, punches landed. Both Fury and Wilder danced around the ring for 12 rounds probably landing 6 or 7 half shots each for the whole match