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Mrs Roman picked it up for me today in town - Dublin; the Chaos Years. I sat down an hour ago to flick through it, and couldn’t put it down. 80 pages in and it’s a rollicking bitch-fest, full of delicious gossip and tales of training ground punch-ups, players feuds, managerial clashes… the lot! It’s FANTASTIC.

I’ve just got to the point where Carr was fired - the book does a great job of the Carr-era. For every player that speaks favourably of him, there’s another willing to settle perceived slights. Step forward Mr Keith Barr who certainly tells things as he saw it.

Lots of interesting anecdotes in almost every paragraph - for example, Ray Cosgrove actually blames Jim Gavin for getting him subbed after just 15 minutes in the 1999 Leinster Final - as well as Carr, whom he couldn’t look in the eye after the treatment he’d received.

It’s written, appropriately enough, by an Irish Sun journalist - Usually a bad thing, but this time actually adds to the energetic spill-all vibe that the book contains.

As I’ve said, I’m only 80 pages into it, but already I’d highly recommend it.

Amongst the major contributors, thus far, are Barr, Carr, Heary and Mick O’Keefe. I’m dying to get back to it!


About 20 pages in and Barr is giving it both barrels. Enjoyable stuff…and a lot more readable than the recent Heffernan book.


Excellent , i remember i mentioned this book coming out a while back & it was shafted before it had even been released because of the Sun link .Stocking filler for xmas !


So how much of it is a genuine, historical recounting of a not so glorious period in our history, versus a bitch fest by disgruntled former players looking to settle 20 year old scores?

Wouldn’t be expecting a Diarmuid Ferriter-esque tome, but it sounds like a lorra, lorra bellyachin’ & finger pointing.


Does seem like a lot of score settling, cosgrove very bitter about how gavin made him swap positions in a game that cosgrove had a stinker in… also mick o keeffe very critical of the atmosphere around the team…and a lot of barbs directed at tom carr by the players…makes for decent reading but compare that to the current crop who I don’t think will be slinging mud at one another in public when they retire


I finished Dublin; the Chaos Years this morning. And my opinion of it, holds firm. It’s a great book.

@ProudDub - I think I over-egged the “tabloid” aspect of it in my earlier post. It’s very well researched and the sum total of the book is much more than simply a bunch of disgruntled ex-players washing their dirty laundry in public. The author is clearly a passionate Dublin supporter with a great love of his team and the GAA. And he’s also a very good writer, which is not what you’d expect from a Sun journalist. Some of his descriptions of well known events and match-moments are startlingly original and effective.

@clue - I’d agree that there is a lot of score-settling occuring in the book, BUT, it’s remarkably even handed. For example, for every player that lays into Tom Carr or Mickey Whelan, there’s another who thought he was amazing. PLUS, there’s the fact that people like Carr and Lyons are given their own chance to rebuke everything that’s said about them. I think that’s a great strength of this book and sets it apart from all the books that came before it.

Personally, I found the Tommy Lyon’s era brilliantly handled. My opinion of him as a manager was basement level before reading the book. But now that I’ve read it - and his take on things - he has definitely risen in my estimation. He certainly had no hesitation in explaining his position in his various controversies, and it was fascinating to finally hear his take on things. He certainly didn’t hide from the hard questions.

For me, this book is right up there with John Leonard’s autobiography, as joint best Dublin GAA book. Highly recommended!


What did get say about cluxton in 2002?


“That Parnell’s bucko will never make it”?


Not much - but he did talk about Cluxton in 2003. (pedantic? Moi?’ :wink: )

He admits he made a balls of it and that he was wrong to say what he said. But he points out that he was asked a direct question directly after the final whistle - “Did Cluxton’s sending off affect the result?” - and tht people forget that. They seem to think that he just stood in front of a camera and started spewing about Cluxton. Emotions were high, the whistle had just blown and suddenly RTE were in his face and a presenter asked the question. He wishes he never answered - though he doesn’t think he was wrong in terms of the “content” of what he said. He just wishes he hadn’t said it.

For me, my biggest gripe with Lyons, was him staying on for the third year when he didn’t have the support of a united panel. It was the most pointless year of Dublin football ever. But Lyon’s said that he was assured of a fourth year in charge and had therefore, lined-up 2004 as a rebuilding year - where he intended to jetison players like Sherlock and Farrell and bring in lots of Under 21’s which had just won the All ireland. However, when he was just about to start, Bailey tells him, no matter what, you’re out next year - you’re NOT getting the fourth term I promised… So Lyon’s had no choice but to go with what he had for 2004. He says that basically Bailey shafted him, just like he’d shafted Carr, but in a different manner of execution.


I meant 2003 cheers that’s the incident ya pedantic oul toff


Kings of September. About 10 years old but a great read. It is the story of Kerry’s failed attempt to do the 5 in a row.


Oh jesus…
I just got a horrible vision of the nationwide schadenfreude if Dublin don’t do 5 in a row…


A good few books in the making if we do the 5 in a row…


Moochass grassy ass for the additional deets. Will throw it on the letter to Santy then so. :santa:


I am already on it. I am caught between two working titles -

Dub09: Gaelic Cultural Learnings of Ireland for Make Benefit Glorious County of Dublin.


How i learned to stop worrying and love Brian Fenton

It will be very dear - but worth it - so start putting a couple of euro by each week.


I’m writing a book for Kerry people

We need to talk about Kevin
(And I can’t say it… 2011)


You have no idea what I would pay for a hardback first edition “signed by the author (Dub09)” copy of this. MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.


Subsubtitle: How Dublin robbed All Irelands and outdone the number Darren (O’Sullivan) had in his head


Is it a colouring book?


Yeah. And you only have two pencils. Navy and blue.