Book Recommendations


I thought the Blade Artist was brilliant. I also enjoyed a Decent Ride (no pun intended) about me favourite trainispotting universe character Juice Terry. Deadmans trousers wraps up a few loose ends, some sad, some of the wall. But I feel thats the last we will see of these characters together in a storyline. Maybe one of short stories like ‘He Ain’t Lager’. Skag Boys @DUB09 is another decent read, again a prequel to Trainspotting and details how they all becomes ‘gadges’ and ‘jakeys’


Yeah - I liked Skag Boys. Though it was made up of left overs and outtakes from previous novels, apparently. The Blade Artist was just ok. It took me a while to “believe” the direction he took Begsby in. I didn’t like a Decent Ride at all. But, despite having read all his novels, I wouldn’t be his biggest fan, in general.

Humble brag time - I was at a party in Irvine’s when he lived in Dublin. True story.


I saw Damien from Fair City a while ago.
You know this is true because who would make up such a story?


But theres redemption and second chances for everyone…

…except for Kerrymen and bollixes.


I saw Dr Oakley yesterday in Killester and was wondering is he out on bail?


I saw the taxi driver fella one time in the queue in LIDL -
then stupidly caught myself looking for his taxi in the car park :slight_smile:


I had to google that and IMMEDIATELY realised that it was time for A SECOND humble brag!!!

My dear friend Marcus Lamb - or rather, as plebs like you refer to him, Dr Oakley :wink: - invited Mrs Roman and I to the opening of his play The Harvest, which is on in Temple Bar at the moment. True story.


Is it really your friend or do you just think he is?

Like he was doing his shopping in SuperValu himself, surely a friend of yours would do the shop in Nolan’s or have someone do it for him.


Too many of you people live near me!


Have you been in Nolans recently? It looks like a bloody Lidl since they’ve started renovating it. Awful to shop in at the minute. But not quite so awful that you’d actually go up to Killester’s Supervalue instead.


The sausages are gorgeousity itself!


Oh yes - thankfully the butcher’s counter has remained 100% intact during this rebuild. Try the pre-prepared chilly-willy stir-fry at the meat section. And the Piri-Piri chicken stir fry. Great options if you’re in a hurry but don’t want a fatty crappy takeout.


What type of meat is in that, or am I better off not knowing?


Supevalu---- belongs in the overrated thread.


Succulent steak pieces, lovingly prepared by Nolan’s in-house butchers. It’s basically a mild stir-fry, though like most Irish places, puts itself forward as a hot spicy dish. But the meat is good quality and despite the lack of “fire”, it’s still tasty. Just take it home, stick it in the pan and five minutes later - voila, dinner! (boil some rice too)


Reading the Lost Soul of Eamonn Magee at the moment and finding it hard going at the moment as it goes through his life in Belfast in the 70s and 80s. Has anyone finished it and would recommend to stick at it?


No I haven’t been in it since the renovations start so will avoid it now.

BTW gave The Baths another try there and made a booking for a Friday evening at 8.30pm and was feed (2 courses) and watered and back out in the car within 50 minutes and about €60 out of pocket and food wasn’t great tbh so don’t think I will be rushing back and will stick to The Pigeon House and Kinara when dining in 'Torf


Mystery Meat.


Have done and I fully agree!


It’s still the same old Nolans - there’s no delays or anything. It just doesn’t “look” as good. To be fair they’re doing an excellent job of remaining open and functioning, while also rebuilding the entire place.

With regards The Baths, your (second) experience doesn’t surprise me. I haven’t been back since we were last talking about it - but I’m continuing to hear poor reports about service and price. My sister and her husband were there about two weeks ago and they had to wait 30 mins for their booked table and then another 30 minutes to take the order. Inbetween they messed up the drinks order and the hubby went up to the bar in person to put his order in. Madness (in a 1st world sense).