Book Recommendations


This is great. Trust me.


Well you were on the money on Peroni, so I’ll give it a go.




Didn’t enjoy it, so much so that I didn’t finish it.

Currently reading The Best of AA Gill; it’s a collection of his best writing across various topics and it’s very good, he was a great writer.


I went off him after this

but you’re right, he was a brilliant writer


We should be charging for adverts!


Hadn’t heard that before.

Scandalous behaviour.


Great book. Loved the piece on Stow on the Wold. Spent some time there & he was bang on the money. Awful place. Very, very picturesque, but awful.


That’s a shame . I’d love to see him in a stand alone film, i hear he wants to make it ( Carlyle ).


I feel like there’s a story to be told here.


Who, from me…or Gill?

No story from me really. Was over visiting rellies in the area & they took us on tour of some of the Cotswolds most excessively twee villages.


Gloucester is a lovely city. The Cotswolds are similarly beautiful.


Yes, they are. But it wasn’t the scenery that he took umbrage with in his article. It was a certain kind of resident.