Book Recommendations


I’ll have to take your word for it … and I was there … :scream:


They drew 2-2 in Rotterdam in the 82 World Cup qualifiers. Maybe you went to the jacks and missed one of our goals!


No we lost the one I was at … 2-1 defo so it was the 84 qualifiers. Was a PAB coach tour down through England and then Dover to Ostend. Thousands of Brit soldiers in the port heading to Germany and it was the summer of the Hyde Park attack. Unpleasant few hours.


Ya miss the 80s all the same , a great decade apparently!!


Certainly. It seemed to be much maligned initially but as time moves on it is rightly seen as a cracking decade. Better than that hippy flower peace and love crap of the 60s.


Your mention of Ostend reminds me I spent a night there in 91, amazing to think Marvin Gaye lived there in the 70s for a while.


Wow didn’t know that. I think we stayed there and bussed down to Rotterdam. Jaysus it was one crazy trip.


I’m reading ‘Empire of Illusion- The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle’ by Chris Hedges. It’s a fantastic book and sadly appears to be a true reflection of the I’m-like world in which we now live.


Is there a picture book version?


I’m reading a fascinating book about the 2010 Leinster Final. It’s called ‘Umpire of Delusion - The End of Louth and the Triumph of Despicable’ …


Did Jayo play with another club before Na Fianna?


No but he only joined them around 16’s/Minor.


Did he not line out for a cork club as a kid.


I am reading 'fantasyland ’ how America went haywire - a 500 year history by Kurt Anderson.
Want to know why so many Americans voted for the Donald ???this goes a way to explaining it.


He did and just played hurling for them during the summer but from what I gathered from the book he was never a member of that club or registered with them but I could be wrong.


I read a book last year 'killers of the flower moon " it’s the true story of how a tribe of native American Indians in the 1920’s after oil was discovered under their reservation , were systemically murdered for their money .


Tony 10 by Declan Lynch and Tony O’Reilly is a brilliant read, I’m half way through.
One lesson learnt - Don’t ever buy someone an online betting voucher as a present.
He gambled €10.5 million before things caught up with him.


Have you read this @JJF ?
If so , any good ?


Haven’t read it yet, saving it for holidays. But its got poor reviews across the board with the general feeling that Welsh has exhausted that world. But I’ll reserve Judgement. If your looking for a welsh read, Skagboys or Bedroom Secrets of the Masterchefs. Glue is great as well.


Cool , ill check them out :metal: