Book Recommendations


The Carlsberg in the bar was awful.




Jayo’ s isn’t bad in fairness - most sports biographies are reasonably run of the mill with a few controversial bits thrown in - jayos one was above average and a decent read - better than Gooches

Jayo deserves a lot of credit here - his forward coaching especially against blanket defences had been very significant in our three in a row - turned out to be a masterclass of gavin bringing him in


It’s no wonder Na fianna didn’t put up much resistance in letting him go when this was his excuse. Having bad days is part and parcel of clubs and they make the good days all that much sweeter.


Kinda of a lousy attitude but if his heart wasn’t in it , what can ya do . Reminds me of soccer transfer tbh .


Or the rugby lads who will walk happily from their ’ heart and soul’ if the money doesn’t match

Like others, I didn’t like Jayo leaving Na Fianna but wouldn’t hold it against him too much knowing the sort of driven and semi flawed person he is/was - he was very honest in the book on that.


Jaysis. I’ve new mates now so I’m playing with them. Poor attitude is right.


Kieran Fallon’s book is phenomenal. Boy from Clare goes on to rule the flat in England. An incredible insight in to the ups and downs of jockey life. Id say he has some serious stories they couldn’t put in the book.


He was some man for getting ye a winner in the flat racing. I’ll definitely invest in that for over the Christmas.
Won a fair few bob on him over the years. One in particular in an English bar in Lanzorote. I was twisted drunk and put €50 on a 14/1 shot called “Afrad”. I’d never normally put more than a tenner on a horse but the beer and sun conviced me to go way over my usual stake that day. It was one of them lads sitting at the end of the bar taken bets, he had a youngfella walking around the tables collecting bets and stakes. The young lad told me I couldn’t do the bet that the max stake was €20 to avoid them being cleared out. The main lad shouts over “take it, if he doesn’t like money we’ll have it instead” with his cocky laugh. The smile was on the other side of his face when Afrad romped home. A lot of other Irish people in the bar seen what happened and were happier than me when it came in. Apparently he wasn’t very popular in there. The guy had to pack up and go home after he paid me.
As fate would have it, dublin won the Leinster minor title that day, first since the days of Nial Quinn. It was a memorable day indeed


Ha, great story. Was in a similar bar up the old town Puerto Del Carmen. Some owl fella taking bets in a back room en route to the jacks! Great set up, though I didn’t have as good a fiscal return as you had. Good pisscal return mind you.

Fallon is a hero no doubt. Was in his pomp just as I started to get in to racing. Some of his achievements are phenomenal. The industry as a whole done it’s best to break him many times. The race fixing charge being the worst. Hung drawn and quartered in the media and by those who were meant to have his back. Before a screed of evidence was presented. Anyway the book explains it all. He has a lot of demons. Hopefully he finds piece in his retirement. Few great young Irish flat jockeys out there. Whether they get close to Fallon I doubt it!


Half way through Tyrrell’s book. I’m glad he wrote it. Confirms what we suspected. Imagine they went out to mentally scar other teams so that they would give up hurling. I hope they are kept down for ten years and that Cody ends up winning nothing more. They harmed hurling in places like Offaly, needlessly. That should never be forgotten.


FInished phillys book. Really enjoyed it. Very brave to be so honest and forthright about his brother.


Eoin Hand’s book is a great read. Some really funny anecdotes in it . By christ he was an unlucky as a manager. Robbed of qualification for Spain '82 with a magnificent squad of players


Read both Philly"s and Jayo’s books over the Christmas break. Thought that Philly’s was an excellent read, and reinforces just how much of an influence Paddy Christie had on the lives of Philly and other kids of his generation growing up in the Mun. One of the best reads I’ve had in quite a while.
Read Jayo’s book immediately afterwards, which might have been the wrong thing to do, as it’s not as well written or as thought provoking. Still enjoyed it though.


Done over, big time, in Heysel by Belgium.


Went to the 2-1 win at landsdowne over the Dutch. My first ever competitive match attendance. Great win , hand was unlucky for the 82 campaign. He was shite for the next 2 campaigns. It’s a good read though. The fai carry on makes you wonder how we ever did anything on a soccer pitch.


I was at the game in Rotterdam when we lost 2-1. I only know that by looking up old records … Slaughtered … One mad trip …


Fire And Fury by Michael Wolff, anyone?


The excerpts are amazing, what a unbelievably thick shower of fucks.


That was the 84 euro qualifiers . Brady was magnificent that game. As I was only 12 my ma took a dim view of the suggestion I be allowed go to on the piss in Rotterdam so tv it was. Saw the game again a few years on one of those tg4 gold type programmes.