Book Recommendations


Thank you, kind sir. I shall look about making purchase of same.


I recommended this last year but worth checking out if you haven’t already - The Penguin Tunnel, a memoir by John Le Carré/ David Cornwell.


Try some Terry Prachett Discworld novels anything with the Nights watch in it is excellent along with anything with Moist Von Lipwig, while I enjoyed the earlier wizard ones the nights watch ones are better I feel.


I know he’s not to everyone’s taste but Joey Barton’s book is well worth a read.


Yeah that might be good - honest at least! :+1: Hmmmm maybe candid is a better word there …


Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance is good. He was raised in a poor family in the Appalacian mountains, his mother is a heroin addict. It’s his story of how he ended up as a lawyer in Washington and he also tries to explain why everyone he knew voted for Trump.


Tor! The History of German Football by Ulrich Hesse-Lichtenberger.

Great read of the history for German Football from it’s beginning in the late 1800’s up to just before the 2002 WC.


Stumped for Barton autobiography and started today - seems decent enough. Anyone read Harte by MH? Worth a read? For a non Tyrone man?

Incidentally, sitting by the pool here in the Costa and decide to have a look at what’s available on Kindle. I have not used it since I arrived home 12 months ago. Wifi from apartment works at pool. Opt for Barton and have it bought for about €4 and downloaded in two minutes - no cc details or anything needed.

How did we ever live before all this?!


It’s lashing rain here you’ll be pleased to know.
Hope you’re not in Benidorm.


Not in a million years!


@Daller that Mickey H book he wrote any good?


Decided to go with the MH book and now halfway through. Very interesting read and some character as I think we all know. Unbelievable faith and conviction … and stubborn as hell … a true Nordie!!


I see Philly Mc has a book out next month

Jayo has one coming out too and Gerry Callan from The Star is bringing one out about the history of Dublin Football


Anyone read Philly’s book yet ? Going to pick up a copy - mostly his life growing up I think not so much about Dublin matches


Not yet, saving it for Christmas. I like that it’s more about him than the games. I don’t think any other Dublin player will write such a personal story. I read John Leonard’s book which was very good - but he didn’t really play much!


Now that will be a good book !


.Saving the Jackie Tyrell one for chrimbo



Just started Philly’s book. Good read so far very much about himself growing up rather than as a footballer


Enjoyed Jayo’s book.

For a while I thought he would carry on the unsavoury tradition of past Dublin players using their autobiography to do a hatchet job on a former manager - O’Leary’s destruction of Mickey Whelan and Dessie’s incineration of Lyons.

It seemed as if this was the direction Jayo was going to take when he starts dealing with Gilroy. But it’s thoughtfully done - and while he makes it clear that he wasn’t and isn’t happy with the way he was treated, he certainly makes a concerted effort to see things from Gilroy’s POV - and for that, one can only admire Jayo. It must have been extremely tempting to use this soapbox as a weapon to even the score - and believe me, Jayo has scores to settle with Gilroy - but he doesn’t - and it’s very interestingly done.

Another thing I liked about this book, is that it’s adequately written - which is rare for a sport’s autobiography.

I’ve speed read a lot of the Gooches book, and the crass use of unnecessary and repetitious “cussing” - particularly the “F” word is just embarrassing. Cooper comes across like your vulgar drunk friend at a dinner party. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be the “thought police” - crude/aggressive cursing is useful and powerful when used properly - but when it’s used wily-nily, then you just wish the speaker/writer would expand their vocabulary.

Anyway - Jayo’s is a thumbs up from me! Over all it’s the second best Dublin book I’ve read - way ahead of Dessie’s and O’Leary’s, The best is still Leonard’s superb Dub Sub Confidential.