Book Recommendations


Ah the number in Darren’s head. I wonder what it is or was.


A great book . Highly recommend it.


Kerry made all the mistakes required in that year . Rowing about where the victory parade should be , t shirts , victory songs , missing a peno. Think JG will handle it better.


Giller set the template .


I love that Stephen King thinks that “arsed” (as in, ‘I couldn’t be…’ ) and “skangers” are unforgettable literary inventions.

Presume he’s never been to Dublin on a book tour then?


Delighted that I have backing for this venture. Artwork for the cover is awesome (and apt today given earlier unfunny jokes). It’s coming home @Roman - keep a large space on that coffee table.


Sneak peak

Chapter One (working title)
Not only am I Number One but I actually am Number One but one of a number of number ones who have won a number of ones … The shots stop here!

The drive for five has started …


Champo Jim would be proud.


Is Roman ghost writing it and helping with the wording? like?


Roman’s that wealthy he has a plantation table.


Financier …


I hope you use a nice sans serif to typeset the book. I might buy it.


Johnston light I heard…


Better get it done before Brexit.


Penguin books?

Where can I p-p-p-pick up a copy?


I finally got the Dublin v Kerry book really enjoyed it.


Got Season of Sundays - excellent stuff as usual.

Any good Xmas (6 weeks today!) books out there?

Don’t forget this - available from 1 Dec in all good bookshops.



Ok not been pedantic here but should there be no character space between Dub and 09?


Correct. @DUB09 has no character. None at all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Its a pseudonym


Shhhhhhh don’t blow my cover - DUB 09